Testing the Spirits-Beware of Dream Divination-It’s Witchcraft!

This is mirrored from brother Danny and what he is speaking about it actually called “Dream Divination” and it is a form of witchcraft. This is huge in the body of …


2 Replies to “Testing the Spirits-Beware of Dream Divination-It’s Witchcraft!”

  1. There are apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists.(Eph 4:11) and God doesn't do anything unless He tells His servants the prophets first. This is preserved. Who took out the prophets? But we don't believe everyone who says they are a prophet. They also strengthen and encourage people with the word of God (Acts 15:32)   Acts 2:17 – the Holy Spirit will give dreams. Yes, test the spirits, but know that people will have dreams in the last days (Joel 3:28) I know 2 people who have dreams and they have been right on. But I still go to God about them. They don't have them frequently but they have come to pass. . There's no way I will read anyone's dream on the internet. The titles put me off. "Last Call, Jesus Is On His Way.'

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