1. I'm 61 no fine lines and wrinkles yet ( never smoked or tanned) and I've just tried this foundations. I NEVER get breakouts anyway and the first couple of times using this are fine..it seems to last better on me as my skin never gets oily and looks great 20 hours later…so it really is down to your skin type…I really like this.

  2. I have it too and I live in the Czech Republic, where Dermacol is from. All the shades I tried are very very pink for me. Even the lightest warmest shade. If you are as yellow and pale as I am, it won't work. It also makes me pretty itchy.

  3. I love your foundation reviews because I feel like all the other Beauty gurus have skin with no pimples so I can't really tell if it would be any good for me

  4. I was confused because this is your first time trying it but dermacol has been using your photos to promote their products since last year I believe

  5. I'm surprised it didn't immediately cover up all her redness I've watched too many videos on this foundation and everybody who tries it you can't see a thing under

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