41 Replies to “That’s Just Puff Pastry?! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See The Results!”

  1. I make jam by using chia seeds instead of all that sugar, for 1kg of fruit I use 2 tbs of chia and 1 tbs of coconut sugar (lower GI than reg sugar).

  2. Gelling sugar or Jam sugar or Jelly sugar or sugar with pectin is a kind of sugar that is used to produce preserves, and which contains pectin as a gelling agent. It also usually contains citric acid as a preservative, sometimes along with other substances, such as sorbic acid or sodium benzoate. (Wikipedia) AKA โ€˜jam sugarโ€™. Amazon has a bunch of brands of gelling sugar, if you canโ€™t find it locally.

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