31 Replies to “The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History – Nibiru is Coming”

  1. It'd be weird if they come back and were like yeah we discovered nuclear weapons, so if you try enslaving us everything on the planet is gonna die. Obviously they aren't immune to radiation if they needed gold to rebuild their atmosphere. So checkmate Anunnaki peasants.

  2. This proves that because they have altered or made us, some time in the past, someone gave us the push to stop living and reacting with the instinct and start using parts of the brain and logic…as being said, they took homo erectus and neadertal and they create us as more productive mining of gold but with the pass of time, some homo sapiens escaped and get together and start giving birth and what they wanted state in place and other information were obscured by whoever was in power from that time since today..

  3. The worlds oldest civilization, I lol'd, none of the things you listed originated from Sumeria that is the (((mainstream))) narrative which is complete bs and debunked a million times over

  4. First question: Because only things that are applicable or essential to our lives are supposed to be taught at school. Sumerian culture isn't one of them.

  5. yeah, so much easier to believe this than that what the Bible says which is these are the fallen angel angels who hate God and us and seek to take God's place. Lord have mercy what people will believe to avoid their own prejudices against the Bible. Read the Bible spiritually. It is a spiritual book meant to be read spiritually. Try. All this stuff is explained in it.

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