35 Replies to “The Baker’s Infected Eye and Other Pastries in Copenhagen”

  1. i also work at a danish bakery and I am surprised it is THE EXACT SAME methods and the exact same mashines and rolling carts we use lol
    and our pastries look the exact same.

    Too bad i dont bake, I only am a waitress and sell bread in the front hahah.
    And we daily have to throw a lot out, the danish pastry gets bad after one day, but a farmer comes get it and feeds his pigs with it

  2. I don’t like sweets, but please keep up that beautiful tradition. I can eat my wiener bread when it’s well and beautiful made, and shearing a spandaur with you would be perfect, bc the middle is way to sweet to me😀. Og hvem gør det bedre end danskerne!!

  3. I always compare pastries in other countries to what we have in Denmark, and I have to say that I almost never get anything that can touch true, oldschool Danish pastry when it's done right, like it clearly is here.

  4. I love "the baker's infected eye", eat it every other day. We like calling food by gross names in Denmark. You weren't told in the danish hot dog video, but people like to order their dogs with "bræk, bæ, og blod", or "vomit, shit, and blood" aka remoulade, mustard, and ketchup xD you should make a danish food lingo video

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