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  1. Nice video…Question after setting up a coverage answer group with multiple extensions. Is there a way for one of those extensions to be forwarded to the staff personal's cell phone after xxx amount of rings?

  2. Good morning!  I had a problem yesterday with a Coverage Answer Group and I thought I would run it by anyone who might be watching.Avaya G430Coverage Ans Grp 7Ext 709 IP PhoneExt 710 IP PhoneExt 720 Analog Ringer BellAll three extensions have Coverage Path 7 which points to CAG 7.  When you dial either of the extensions the other stations ring, but not the one you dialed.  I'm guessing that is because the number dialed is forwarding to the CAG.  One of the extensions has a DID and when you dial it, the extension it is assigned to didn't ring.  I ended up adding a fourth virtual station to the system and mapping the DID to that extension.  That virtual station also has coverage path 7 so now the three devices are ringing as expected.My coworker thought we could use a VDN to accomplish this configuration but both seem to be difficult and it seems there is an easier way.  Any insight is appreciated.

  3. I know this is pretty old now 🙂 but I am trying to set this up but when I dial the coverage group number I get a busy tone, both numbers in the group ring as normal when called, any ideas?

  4. Thanks for the video but could i ask a question.
    as part ot the cover answer group i have a virtual extension that has a cover path set and point 1 of that cover path is a coverage remote to call a ddi of the IT Support at another office. Is this possible as when i ring the ddi for the site it alerts the extension in the cover answer group but will not alert the user on another site.
    i should point out that there are no links between the sites.

  5. dear really i been suffering with one issue i am facing and i will be 10000000 time glad if you would answer from your busy timings… I am not a avya mentor firstly
    2nd the problem is…
    i can do call forwarding : Coverage path : Call answering : Hunt group for all internal numbers as well as external numbers but the problem is if OPERATOR /Console whose ext number is 1999 is not available how can i forward or do a coverage path..
    I mean if some guest from hotel internally press 0 to reach operator but operator is not available it than should go to some reception phone that is 444 … but to be very honest i am TOTALLLY STUCK kindly help me out…
    either send your solution here or my email id is kamrancisco@hotmail.com

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