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  1. I’m pretty sure this is the design intended:

    It takes 4 weeks
    For you to notice your body changing
    8 weeks
    For your friends and family
    12 weeks
    For the rest of the world
    Never give up

    And the different colors would help distinguish one from the other.

  2. 7:40

    Okay so have I got a story for you. I was looking around a school in southern U.S. An American high school, okay? The girl’s bathroom. No door, the sinks were outside of it in the hall. The stalls. Waist-high walls and doors. And again, not an actual wall in the doorway from the hall to the bathroom.

  3. Wow it looks like the cylinders are smarter than him, they GRADUATED. No offense but they are called graduated cylinders and I know you love jokes, so you know.

  4. Pike Place market in Seattle, the doors in the women's restroom on the basement level come up to my boobs and then stop (and I'm about 5 foot 7). You can see over every single one of them to the floor in the stall as you walk by, and because of the shape of the bathroom, there isn't a way to be far enough away from the stalls not to see and be seen. It is super awkward. At least with the slightly transparent doors, everything is kinda blurred out.

  5. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn't see a reason for Block Connect 4 to exist. Unless you can put a disc and a block disc in the same turn (which, insofar to my current analysis will give way too much power on each turn), there's literally nothing you can do with a block disc that your own disc can't do the same or better.

  6. Yeah the container for science liquid actually is a beaker. Don't undersell yourself.
    Unless you mean a graduated cylinder
    Yeah actually I think it's that one. Feel free to undersell yourself. Except actually don't.
    you're great Jardon

  7. 8:20 I am actually floored that you really saw those things in real life. Hip-high toilets AND waist-high walls?! FIrst of all, that should be forking illegal, second of all That is literally the exact kind of thing that appears in recurring nightmares. For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed about ones with insufficient walls, clear doors, by a window, in the front yard, passages people would not stop going through, no soap/water, unusably dirty ones…I'm glad that you're in the same boat, Jordan.

    Probably the weirdest of those nightmares was where I finally found a stall that covered me enough if I used the "elevator function" to raise it up towards the high ceiling so people on the floor could only see my head. But it had a motion sensor so when I stood up and hopped to adjust my pants it flew back down, throwing me out head-first onto the tile floor a story below. Without my pants up. And at least one person of the opposite sex watching. Really hated that one.

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