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  1. Just started watching your videos…. I have some questions… What happens to the cashflow? Where does it live? If I put all income in the LOC then what goes into my checking account?… Do the expenses include food, gas and misc like dr visits or having to buy clothing or even repair my home?

  2. Speaking of car deals and how I got held at the dealership for 5 hours with 2 young kids in tow, with all the trickery! I have a question re: paying down ugly car loan. My car value is 4k lower than my loan (I did bad move and rolled a jeep that had 3.5K needed in repair costs into the current loan). DR, I was thinking of doing a chunk of 4K to the car bringing its loan value to equal its value. Then re-fi the car at better rate, lower payment, shorter term – THEN using the debt weapon to hit it. Do you think that is a good move? That 4k would go on a card that doesn't have a great rate, but I believe my cred score will make it that I should be able to get a LOC pretty soon. (OR should I just start hitting the car with chunks and no refi?)

  3. Hi Denzel, very much enjoying your classes. Can you do an expose on LOC vs credit cards? I'd like to incorporate the benefits I can get from a credit card with a hefty rewards plan. Couldn't I use a cc to pay a chunk on my car loan, then pay the cc with my LOC? Does that get too complicated?

  4. Denzel, I am a new subscriber and I have been enjoying your content last three weeks. You are doing great work and I am sure you will help lots of people…….. Velocity banking is a simple yet complicated concept, most people have difficulty understanding it fully.
    My advice to you would be to ad into your video summaries the cost of Velocity banking (interest of C.C and/or L.O.C) and savings on paid debts.

  5. Just recently found your channel on YouTube….I'm lovin everything you're teaching, how you're teaching….and why you're teaching….keep up the good work

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