20 Replies to “The Buzz: The Queen of England Visits the Set of Game of Thrones (HBO)”

  1. If the royalty in England is symbolic as i read here on the comments ppl saying. Then why England act like and empire having several conclaves of military and political power all over the world far beyond their territorial rights? For anyone reading this, dont get me wrong, i made this question purely becouse i want to understand it.

  2. The Queen of England Elizabeth
    The Mad Queen Cersie
    The Queen of Thorns Olenna
    Then Queen of Dragons Danerys
    The Queen in the North Sansa
    The Desert Queen Ellyria
    The Pirate Queen Yara
    The Red Queen Kinvara

    Am I missing anyone??

  3. " You stand in the presence of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of house Windsor, the secod of her name, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, head of the Commonwealth of 54 nations and the head of state in 16 countries, defender of the faith" and mother of Corgis.

  4. hipócritas. saludan a una asesina nefasta con una sonrisa.
    decí que la serie me tienee enganchado pero no banco más a ninguno de los que están ahí. aunque no les importa, claro.

  5. Not many people know that this "rich old lady" served in World War 2 as a truck driver and a mechanic. And when the King of Saudi Arabia visited UK, the king was drove around London by no other than the Queen herself because, you know? In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. What did you do to make your country great?

  6. ooooo please…
    such wonderfull and smart actors getting nervous to meet someone who means nothing to DEMOCRACY.
    Omg!!! They still paying taxes to support the Crown. Free yourselves from this ilusion. Come on send this money to Africa, there are millions of people who really need it. As Petyr Balish says: chaos is (really) a ledder.

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