The Fake Neighborhoods on Google Maps

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38 Replies to “The Fake Neighborhoods on Google Maps”

  1. On a related note:
    The 1992 Thomas Bros. Guide for Metro Phoenix, on page 444, listed an inexistent street name, "Cigar Lane"—a cul-de-sac south of State Avenue between 7th and 10th Streets. This kind of listing is what is known as a "copyright trap"; it supposedly helps to detect plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction.

  2. 3:30 No, the most "San Francisco" story took place in the mid 1970's. A Soviet merchant ship had come into the Port of San Francisco and a small group of Soviet sailors went into a bar looking to pick a fight. They pulled out a big red Soviet flag and announced in a loud voice, "We claim San Francisco for Mother Russia."
    Instead of fighting the other bar patrons cheered and started buy the sailors drinks. The sailors did not expect this reaction, but they rolled with it, ending up teaching the bar patrons some Russian drinking songs, because they were, after all, newly claimed Soviets.
    I learned this story when I walked into the bar some 25 years later and asked about the big ass Soviet flag displayed there.
    By the time I was at the bar the Soviet Union no longer even existed.
    I don't know how true the story is, nut it's a good one.

  3. I do wonder how official the border lines are in some places, here in NZ, the suburb names I can see are all real, they form part of the address, but how sure are they when they give an outline? Did they get info from the local council for exactly what street each suburb ends on?

    I have heard of estate agents making up new areas, marketing a house as 'upper-' or 'lower-' desirable area when in fact it is within a less desirable area. Eventually the locals start calling it that for the same reason.

  4. My neighborhood 'Aïre' in Switzerland is called 'Aire-la-Ville' (a town 10km away) by Google maps, this mistake finds gets then repeated by every online shopping site and people using maps for direction are often misdirected

  5. Even the name of my locality which is "Gandhinagar" is shown as "JalaramNagar" and all people living here are who the fuck changed the name of this place and how the hell we dont even know.

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