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  1. I have always wanted to be able to use sign language for practical purposes, but the straw that broke the camel's back (suck it PETA) was General Amaya's untranslated signing in Fresh Dragon Prince of Bel Air.

  2. I can't tell if this video is reversed or not. I see a ring but I don't know if that's a wedding ring or not. So, it's difficult to know which hand she's using.

  3. Ok I do it know someone who is deaf and I’m not deaf I’m mute so I need the word mute so I can sign “I’m not deaf I’m mute” cuase writing all my word does not work all the time

  4. Y’all have no idea this helped me! I’m learning sign language for my passion project and I haven’t been able to find very good tutorials on how to sign important words. Thanks so much for the help tho! Love the vid!

  5. Wow… I loved it, just what I was looking for. I am 17 years old, I speak Spanish and I just want to learn this beautiful and very special because I want to talk with people that are not able to speak or listen about God. I learned English, my next goal is to learn signs. Thank you very much, God bless you.🙏

    Hope to see more videos, you are an exelent teacher.☺👏👏👏

  6. Hey guys I’m 12 and I helped out once in a senior center and this lady is deaf and no one knew asl until I came and helped her. She started crying because she was happy that I knew asl. I’m happy that I got the chance to help

  7. Hi. I am bipolar and I had a sudden idea that even if I never come in touch with anybody who needs me to know sign language, still… we all lose our hearing when we get old… so it's handy, it's international and maybe, one day could help someone thanks to this knowledge. I am a normal person who thinks that a normal person should know at least the basics of sign language. I randomly picked a video and…

    no need for more searches here. You are so perfect. Such a great choice at first breakthrough words to the language, and your expressions and the way you use more versions of using the current word is amazing, and so it is very fun and actually pretty easy to learn. As I am updating this comment, I have the first ten minutes just implanted into my brain. And the studying is addictive aswell!
    All these are just reasons why everybody should know how to express it at least a bit. AND, by the way, you are very pretty. Instant subscribtion and many thanks. This is valuable content for the society and humankind. I am a fan!

  8. I am writing a program to understand what a person is talking through his sign language so that the other person who doesn't understand sign language can communicate with him. I need a lot of video clips to train my program for a particular sign.
    Is there any way I can get access to such data. If anybody have any idea, do comment below this thread.
    Thank you.

  9. They ran a little stay and play session at my daughter's nursery today, and they did the songs with sign language at the same time. I loved it! I always thought it was difficult to learn but found your video as soon as we got home, although I have nobody near me who signs or can't hear I feel like I need to learn it and it is a responsibility to learn it. I hope I can. You are a great teacher this was the best video I came across. Thank you and good luck!

  10. Do you have to use the hand with you write with or can it be your other hand. When I practicing I feel more comfortable using my left hand instead of my right hand even though I write with my left hand

  11. I'm an assistant manager of the restaurant and in the restaurant that I used to work befoee I had a few Def customers – they were so lovely so I wish I could serve them with a sign language ❤️❤️❤️ Hopefully I will learn it good enough to be able to provide a good service for them one day xxx

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