4 Replies to “The Future Of Health Insurance – The Medical Futurist”

  1. Bro, Have you ever seen the experiment showing that environment(food-exposure to chemicals and EMF) can spare a mice genetically programed to get cancer ,and on the other hand ,provoking it on normal mice with normal dna

  2. Good stuff— we can cuts costs dramatically and improve quality by alot by using Medicare For ALL – Medicare also encourages innovation and has been doing so since 1966 – btw: our plan to do so is contained within the link at http://www.walletswellness.com enjoy – thank you.(More Money to the people must be emphasized!)

  3. So long as people actually purchase silver/gold health insurance (which is very affordable), and see their doctors to learn about what they can do to live a healthier lifestyle, the American healthcare system is VERY affordable and is top of the world in lifespan when factoring out higher prevalence of obesity, cancer and non-health related fatal injuries (getting shot, car accident, etc)

  4. How is this channel only 13k subbsss. These updates are very fascinating. I would love to see some podcasts with medical futurist and researchers, just an idea if you ever get the chance.

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