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  1. The one thing that bloke could’ve done with a dancer in doing the thing is winning got the chips you could Alyce said thank you how’s it gonna teach any kids it might be watching it about manners

  2. The question is, how many times is the poor bastard that runs that shop in south penny gonna get a 'both' answer and dancing like that? Im this close to going in myself.

    Excellent ad, most Australian shit ive ever seen. Keep em comming!

  3. yesoptus

    I was with Virgin 4G internet up until the end of last year (2018). The Virgin name is being phased out & they were on the Optus network anyway. With Virgin I had a $60 @ 60 GB deal which was reasonable & better than most other providers. I'm in the Toongabbie area near Parramatta & NBN was so slow in coming there & big areas like from Parramatta to Silverwater & many others. They didn't deserve to be in business (hang all the Pollies involved, Turnbull etc.).

    For 6 weeks into 2019 Optus offered a great deal @ 100 GB 4G internet plus another 100 GB bonus permanently = 200 GB per month $60 p/m on a 12 month contract. It was a no brainer & I signed up straight away. The download speed is 49 Mp/s & that's fine for my usage.

    Coverage & value hard to beat. Being 4G I can use it anywhere there's an Optus 4G tower which these days is in a lot of areas. 4G & 5G will put NBN out of business because they are & have been so slow in connecting a lot of people.

    In the video the guy ordering the chips & the "cooks wife" ? dancing are funny enough but what about the guy on the left ? He seems to portray a deviant, scaring children & mothers in playgrounds & hangs around toilets.

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