The Original Railway Murder Mystery : Documentary on The Thomas Briggs Murder Mystery

The Original Railway Murder Mystery : Documentary on The Thomas Briggs Murder Mystery. …


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  1. Thanks, well presented, but did the man really shout out those german words to the loud english mob? Its seems a case of 50%. Society and News malipulate the crowd emotions so easy.

  2. Totally enthralling video presentation.
    Excellent, intelligent, and heartfelt narration. A story that entwines human history and evolving technology in many spheres (railways, ships, photography, communications) with intrigue and the investigative process of the time. Excellent use of photography and costuming. Not a happy story, this….but one worth seeing; which leads one to contemplation of the "human condition" at that time.
    Highly recommended for thinking people that enjoy detail and historical perspectives.

    this is the best journalistic recreation i have seen in years we used to see this type of history in the schools in the 1960 1970

    keep up the great work again well done cheers

  4. Excellent telling of this murder mystery,I was given the actual book,'Mr Briggs Hat',by Kate Colquhoun herself,I like this piece of history!!

  5. 33:23 They had decimalisation (introduced 15 February 1971) back in 1864? I guess that old money (240 pennies to a pound) is a complete mystery to the writer

    Oh, and could Mϋller's defence barrister have failed to know that the defendant's "sweetheart" was a prossie?

  6. I can't believe that this video hasn't been taken down, much like I can't believe the idiots in the comments praising this thief for having stolen a BBC documentary when there's a very clear watermark in the top left corner. Unbelievable ignorance. You're all so busy heaping praise on this person and pretending that you have more than a mere two brain cells to rub together that you've proved your stupidity with your praise. The number of your teeth is probably higher than your IQ, FFS.

  7. He was hungry, without prospects and desperate. He pleaded for a handout from Briggs, who resisted, perhaps even mocking Muller, Muller struck Briggs in anger intending only to rob him. Realizing he'd killed Briggs, grabbed the watch, pushed the body outside the train and in his panicked state of mind picked up the wrong hat and fled.

  8. Supercalifabulistic!… So very well done and the uncanny character likenesses pulled me right into the story… I believe that those – such as myself – who find themselves drawn to this genre of story retelling, this is good as I've seen…

  9. thank god that civilized countries abolished the death penalty and only some primitive nations like china, saudi arabia and america have it.

  10. hey, maybe you guys know.  My question is, why didn't some of the poor rise up and fight and get fed up with the arrogance of the rich and indifference of the government who ignore their plight, and those of their children?  Even in America at that time, there was more compassion for the poor in the cities?  Or am I wrong?

  11. now this, THIS is a good documentary, Mystery retold story.  Yeah.  Your "icon" doesn't foreshadow or predict that you would have these kind of stories on your channel.  If I see another one, I will subscribe.  However, if its politics, count me ouit.  Its a shame you don't have retold stories about Captain Midnight or the Blue Bolt stories.

  12. A masterful retelling.  A retinue of sepia steeped vignettes craftily woven between the then and now of preindustrial London.  Careful attention is paid to wardrobe, venues and macabre photos.  A real gem for those drawn down a darker path…

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