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  1. I think another part of the problem is the ever expanding definition of adolescence, a concept that is new in human history. It was for millennia childhood until a particular culturally determined age at which there was usually a ceremony or ritual that marked the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. Adulthood was equal part responsibility and privillage now we have created a grey area where you are no longer beholden to the authority of your parents as a child is, nor are you trusted with any of the responsibilities of an adult. Then we have spent the better part of a century expanding that grey area to encompass all of the years from 10 to your mid 30s. What did we think the results would be. Every year the young are less mature and less capable. We forget that history is filled to brimming with 14, 16, 18 yr olds ruling nations, winning wars, commanding men, or more humbly running a homestead, excelling at a skill or craft, striking out on their own to make their fortunes, sailing ships across the ocean, settling lands, ruling as Emperors and kings and Queens. None of that would be entrusted to a modern youth. No 20 year old would be the headmaster of a school, or married and raising cattle and a family on their own. We infantalize our youth now, and simultaneously grant them excessive freedom. Crime and antisocial behavior is the inevitable result.

  2. Historically, wise and experienced male teachers were, at least to some degree, the father figure to these fatherless boys. But no, we let our school system to run by women and leftist and turn it into a giant fucking safe space where 'feelings' is most important. You can't directly point out wrong doing, you can't criticise the kids even when it is constructive, you can't do punishment, you can't have high expectation for kids and really push them hard… See how well we are doing. For 'we' I mean the west. I live in Hong Kong and teenage and gang crime is not a big problem here.

  3. My dad is not the best of guys and never really instilled any sense of morals in me that was my mom but for some reason i clung to it ive always had a strong sense of right and wrong as opposed to my sister who was always kind of a sadistic little shit

    And funnily enough i grew up being the right winger and she grew up being the sjw

  4. Much the similar problems in America. Here in the states, lots of women get themselves knocked up and eject the man from their life for the welfare money. I'm not saying it's black women, but I'm not saying it's not, either. The hip-hop artists also glamourize a "raw dog and bail" attitude. Thus, the stats on one parent families for blacks in America is 70% fatherless. Trust me, it's the same here, except they can get guns 😂

  5. Yes but the fact that they are black is it’s own factor. The need for psychological intervention has been known for a long time, but effective and feasible interventions are not known. There are no interventions known that can replace the father.

  6. In the USA the rate of single mother families among blacks went from 20% to 70% in a very short time. This trend started in about 1960, and coincides with three programs that may or may not be the root cause. These three are : Welfare, which actually reduced your benefits if you had a father in the house because single mothers got higher benefits. Feminism, which outright teaches women that they dont need a husband. The final one is the abortion industry.

  7. Police need to treat EVERY threat in the same way, regardless of race, gender or age…

    Stage 1 – Warning.
    Stage 2 – OC spray, or some other type of lachrymatory agent (and/or some sort of physical compliance or grappling techniques where applicable)
    Stage 3 – Taze them (and restrain them when applicable)
    Stage 4 – Shoot the stupid fuckers in a non-critical body part (if possible without putting the officer at risk)
    Stage 5 – Shoot the stupid fuckers between the eyes (and good fucking riddance too!)

    I am really sick of seeing police, doing their job in a professional manner, getting put in life-threatening danger, accused of brutality, sexual assault and god knows what else just because some entitled bitch or "person of colour" decided to act like a fool and whine about it later. I have been in several situations where I was annoyed at an officer for pulling me over or detaining me because I knew that I had done nothing wrong but the most extreme behaviour I have ever displayed in an officer's presence is a bit of sarcasm. There are channels for dealing with stuff that you have been falsely accused of, USE THEM! Don't get out of your car and wrestle with some poor bastard that is just trying to do his job. Even if he is being a prick! Yeah it's inconvenient to have to go to court and argue your case (I have done so 3 times in my life and come out on top every fucking time), but it's NOT worth getting shot over. It's not even worth getting tazed over! Ever been tazed? I have. It fucking hurts! Not as bad as getting stabbed (which I have also experienced, and had my worthless life saved by police and paramedics, for which I will be eternally grateful) but it is not in any way a trip to the beach.

    What really shits me though is the way that certain groups are treated differently from others. I am heartedly sick of seeing adult men treated in such a way that is appropriate for their level of aggression or resistance yet seeing teens, women, and other "protected groups" (with black men being the only exception in some cases) treated with kid gloves for fear of the claim of racism/sexism or even just "police brutality". Furthermore, in the few cases when these "protected groups" ARE treated equally to adult men in the same situation, you get the media whipping up a frenzy of outrage because that (white male) officer refused to take a 17th kick to the nuts from that drunk bitch he pulled over before he finally tazed her, took her down, and cuffed her. Only to see her bailed out the next day and appear on Oprah the day after that (accompanied by selectively edited body cam video) so that she can lament about how much of a victim she is and how obviously sexist and/or racist that cop is.

    When you encounter the police, voluntarily or otherwise, you FUCKING COMPLY with all lawful requests. Do otherwise and all bets are off, no matter what genitals you have or how much melanin your skin contains, I give not one fuck. Your race and gender should not be factors and for 99.9% of cops, it isn't.

    Don't get me wrong, there ARE rare cases of genuine police brutality, racism, and sexism/sexual misconduct. However, almost without exception, EVERY time I have seen a "police brutality" video or read a report of same, it is always because the person has acted like a fucking belligerent and/or entitled moron and has repeatedly, despite multiple reasonable requests, STILL decided not to comply. Oh they are all tears and Kleenex afterwards of course but at the time they are complete arseholes (more than often it is drunk women who are guilty of this shit) and deserve all they get and more.

    The police need to be trained to ignore gender, age, physical status and all other collectivist labels and simply follow the same procedure for everyone. It will protect them, it will discourage "protected groups" from feeling like they can get away with being complete arseholes with impunity, and it will make the entire world a fairer, happier (and more equal) place.

    That's how you know that leftist idiots are full of shit. They actively oppose ignoring race and gender. Equality my arse!

  8. Around 2:40. This can actually be seen in many social animals. Wolves in the wild have a pack structure that is similar to human families with the alpha male and female being the parents of the entire pack. When the more dominant wolf pup comes close to it's dispersal stage it starts to bully the more submissive wolves in the pack. Then the father wolf of the pack grabs the male by its ear and pins him down showing him who's the boss.

  9. That was a very well put together together article and seemed very matter of factu and much less opinionated than articles on somewhere on the guardian.Well done, Tony Sewell.

  10. It's okay to admit that blacks and whites aren't as compatible as we have been conditioned to think. It's okay to limit and stop Immigration from non compatible tribes. It's okay to admit that racism is natural and good, that most people favor their own race, and that if they don't, they should. Finally, it's okay to notice that without Jewish Globalists forcing Multiculturalism and Mass Immigration onto people who don't want it, race relations would be more amicable than they are in the Imperium of ZOG. When you really think about it, lots of things are actually okay…. Strange that so many people have these knee jerk aversions to certain ideas. Why, it's almost as if someone has engineered us to think and react in a certain way. Actually that part isn't okay.

  11. Hahahaha, this "gang" problem is just a pretex to re-arm police to squelch rebellion in the UK given the French disruption. The failed "Brexit" strategy should tell you everything you need to know; your government is your enemy.

  12. Women always say: you don't know what it's like to be a woman/girl and this is their argument for men funding their abortions in the US…
    Well: women, sorry but you don't know what it is to be a boy/man and not only do you know how to handle it, you can't, so fuck off and stop trying to raise all the kids, you have failed.

  13. I thought the guns were to compete with criminals who were gettings guns from the black market and completely overpowering the police.

    Which is another perfect example of why laws that ban guns only target law-abiding citizens. There are already laws against murder and they don't seem to mind breaking those.

  14. Maybe if the cops started fining the parents for the acts there would be more discipline at home? And if the cops in the UK were not pussies, that would help too.

  15. essentially the guardian keep the focus not on the sociological issues, but on directly correlating these issues to the black race. Sounds to me like another description of actual racism. Also always keeping the focus on bad situations instead of having constructive dialogue and debate is not in any kind helping to overcome these issues. Instead it creates anger.

  16. Same thing, my father lived in a different state, across the ocean. And my Mom could not contain me. Lord knows she tried, however the harder she tried the more I rebelled. Yet, when I would stay with my Dad, no way. My dad was not abusive, but he was straight forward and meant what he said, said what he meant. He told me straight up he'd put me in the ground if I couldn't abide by the the simple ground rules he layed down, because to do so would mean that i was jeopardizing his livelyhood by doing so, and any man who is any kind of man stands up in Defense of life and his livelyhood.
    Now, I am not saying that my dad told me he would murder me, to give the idea that he was a psychopath. In retrospect I und it was hyperbole. However, he was making an impornt life point. Don't waste time messing about, don't waste energy on pointless battles, and always make yourself direct and clear. He actually gave me a lot of leeway and freedom to make my own mistakes, but was there to help me see where I fucked up instead of being panic and judgemental. Sure, at the time, I FULLY believed him. However, perhaps he knew that I would, and I needed to hear and Understand the gravity of what he was telling me. He said it perfectly calmly, serious as a heart attack….but calmly. But it worked.
    My Mom, having lost a child(no parents should have to go through that,it changes a person forever leaving them scarred), was always to nervous, to worried, to stressed, and uncomfortable. I love her, she did the best she could…our parents are no different from us, flawed. However, her clinging made me want to to run harder..not out of spite, it is just part of being an adolescent male I guess.

  17. As a man brought up without a father, I feel this keenly. I never had a strong male role model growing up either. It's been a lifelong struggle to understand what it is to be a man. I can only imagine how much easier my life would've been if my military father was still here. If you're a young man reading this and don't have a strong male role model, do what you can to find one. You will benefit from it greatly and will enrich the lives of the people around you as well.

  18. Blacks have a low IQ : 75. Africa has 25 ongoing wars at any one time because low IQ Blacks have no self — restraint , no self – control. Most Blacks world – wide have no fathers. Blacks will say anything ; their ideas and actions are spontaneous. There are no Black Nobel Prizes ; Jews have over 270 Nobel Prizes. Races are not equal. London's crime is mostly Black. White children are no longer raised in Christianity.

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