24 Replies to “The Political Spectrum Explained In 4 Minutes”

  1. Lemme make it simple:

    The Right wing wants to see successful people rise and failures fall

    The Left wing wants to see everyone fall together

  2. the true left (there is no half measures on this) want money to be abolished and all goods and services to be free .

  3. No, the left wing is not "usually authoritarian", not banning gay marriage and abortions, not doing NSA spying or torture, that's not authoritarian but socially libertarian

  4. im upist fuck racist people fuck equality im the true king of the world since my family lost power and you peasants got freedom yall split up and fight each other retarded fucks thats why i will sit on my throne and rule you sheeps who need guidance because religion aint doing the job anymore we need kings again we cant last long without one person who knows whats the best for humanity to lead i am that person serve me hail me

  5. Guys these are just facts stop getting triggered. But I would say historically the Democratic side is the one that has a racist background

  6. I've always thought it to be strange that the "right" want less government intervention, but want more laws against people like gay rights, or women's rights.

  7. You can't base the American political system on a revolution that happened centuries ago. The government strength political spectrum makes since for every nation and will make since eons into the future.

  8. Except that fascism is not right wing it is authoritarian by nature it is socialist historically both of those put it on the left wing spectrum even by your own definition

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