The Smartest Lottery Winners!

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39 Replies to “The Smartest Lottery Winners!”

  1. How the fck is number 5 smart? He lost about 100m when he took a lump sum, had to take risk and hard work to make that 100m back. Might as well just take the full 220m to begin with. He is basically back where he started. Thats not smart.

  2. Yeah in belfast about 20 years ago there was a period of time that is called the troubles . During that time a group called the ira ( irish republican brotherhood) sent the nothern ireland (uk) into turmoil crime was at an all time high , why you ask ,was there hundreds of senseless shootings and bombing of innocent people. Well the answer is two political groups kept arguing and killing until eventually it escalated majorly into government corruption and innocents being killed eveyday. It turned into a load of madmen killing for some non existent cause. Back then it was commonplace for a bomb to go off down the street . Many grew up picking bullets out of walls and giving it to their parent's . Im not even denting the extent of that mess that was and is the north of my country . The last thing ill say is the following . Brexit is about to start it again because of a hard border being introduced.

    If you have any questions reply and ask , I know more than your average 12 year old

  3. There was a lotto winner in Pasadena Tx who built a brick facade around his TRAILER! It burned down and YUUUUUP, you guessed it, it was not insured! You should find that guy and add him to the list of the dumbest lotto winners!

  4. If i won i would keep it simple. Move far far away. Buy a 500,000 home. A couple nice rides. Start an animal rescue. And give some money to close family.

  5. If I ever won it doesn't matter how many begging that I would get I wouldn't even open them I would just put them straight in the bin or I would open a few and then write back and say why didn't you write to me when I was on f**** universal credit (gold diggers)

  6. If you win the lottery, which is a big amount, how do you redeem your money in silence, and how do you redeem your money in silence if your state requires your picture next to the check like number 1?

  7. Pab, your pronunciations of ordinary American names and places is ABYSSMAL. You SUCK at words. And not knowing of the "troubles in Ireland," you've just marked yourself as a drooling millenial MORON. Kill yourself, please.

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