The Suicide of Europe

Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of …


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  1. The reason is simple. The Zionist occupied West bomb the third world for the Central Banks. Shipping arms to terrorists who then try to destabilize countries causing mass immigration.

  2. What a Bunch of Racist Bollocks by the Alt – Right agenda !!. Just pure propaganda, no citations, no research whatsoever, just mumbling Fear Mongering, and Lies. (PS: Praguer University IS NOT A FU@#NG University – it's a collection of American Religious (Creationists) Far – Right Wingers spreading their propaganda for their nefarious goals. No, Europe is NOT threatened by immigrants and refuges from Middle East or Africa. Take it from someone who lives in a country that took the heaviest burden of it – Greece, in the worst of times (Unprecedented Economic Crisis, socio-economic collapse, and Extreme Austerity by the European "powers" and "elites". Unchecked Casino Crony Capitalism, increasing poverty and inequality and the so called "Free Market" (Free, MY ASS) Economy is our downfall…
    But just like 80 years ago, a Scapegoat is always useful to put the blame on… for the gullible masses that don't do any research on their own. Hate and Fearmongering Sells good – buy stocks Now…

  3. Reply to Krystyna Carpenter: Remember Genghis Khan? His armies total to about 500,000 men maximum but with the small number he destroyed armies of many millions and wiped out 50 million muslims out of Central Asia. Too bad he did not continue further into the Middle East and Northern Africa because he thinks Europe is a bigger prize when in fact the EVIL Islamic Middle East and EVIL Islamic Northern Africa is the bigger prize and THREAT TO HIS FUTURE MONGOLIAN EMPIRE AND TO THE WORLD! Too many liberals? Genghis Khan killed millions of oppositionists of his while killing 50 million Evil Islamic Evil Muslims ragheads-shitheads!

  4. He never said what these "westen values" they were supposed to embrace were. Because as far as I know, one of our western values is accepting and tolerating other cultures, which we are not doing by telling immigrants to assimilate to our culture and let go of theirs.
    He is trying to manipuate people by telling you the statistics from 2015, when there was IMMIGRATION CRISIS and that was the only reason why there were so many immigrants. He is purposely trying to show statistics of the most extreme year without giving us the much needed context. And European people did excatly the same during WW1/WW2 and nobody tried to force immigrant Europeans to assimilate to other culture.
    And the reason for the acceptance od immigrants is not the guilt. It is because we were accepted when we immigrated and it is extremely important for us to help others especialy when they are in such a crisis. Not only that but it is also our, already mentioned, western value.
    European union is not dying, in fact it is one of the stongest powers in the world. So why should this amazing superpower not help people in crisis?

  5. Isaiah 3:12 (ESV-Bible) "My people, children are your oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your guides mislead you, and they have swallowed up the course of thy paths".

  6. This is just the soft ethnic, racial or cultural replacement, of European ancestry populations the globalists were looking for since the end of Ww2.

  7. Europe has its best growth rates ever thanks to immigration , influx of thousands of young educated people or skilled manual workers isn't exactly a "suicide" ,

    The policy makers understand that and that's why they will continue to support immigration .

    The people of Europe may be angry of immigration , but the truth is they are too old and lack the numbers to keep the economy growing in this rate .

    Europe may hate the immigrants , but it also need them to stay powerful

  8. Douglas Murray keep it up . I am Greek American and very sad what is happening to Greece. Greece's demographic's are changing, and Greek culture,language, and way of life is being threatened . There is a cultural Genocide going on in Greece and all with the blessing of Germany's Angela Merkel, and the German government. I thought there was international laws against committing Genocides against an ethnic group of people?

  9. Populism is rising rapidly and with it, as has historically been the case, will come war. Some European countries will become more and more populist and nationalistic whilst others may try and control their populace with martial law. Globalism is dead and a return to complete national sovereignty impossible in our technological age. US vs China is also gathering momentum. Ultimately, all of this has to culminate in actual international war – the sides that everyone takes will be interesting, as it has been in previous world wars.

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