The Truth About Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) – Part 5

Part 5 of our “Truth About Indexed Universal Life (IUL)” series. — In the last video, we talked about many of the flaws of the IUL. As promised, in this video I’m …


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  1. Dan, those are legitimate questions. But the real question we must ask ourselves is – what is the reason or purpose I buy life insurance?

    Remember everything we do in life involve opportunity cost and for those who understand opportunity cost IUL is a much better choice not UL because I don't like UL either. For those who don't appreciate opportunity cost then whole life is a better choice.

    With the new IUL that are coming out the index crediting options are looking better than the old one plus these three benefits that doesn't cost a dime ( terminal illness, critical illnesses, and chronical illness). Which means that when a client is face with this three illness the client can advance his or her death benefit to help with bill payment.

    The new IUL also come with a increasing death benefit that a client can turn off when he or she reach retirement age and want to turn it to level off death benefit to avoid the increasing cost of insurance. The IUL has evolved over the past ten year similar to cellular phones.

    But The real question to the client is – do I know my opportunity cost? If not then whole life is a better choice.

    We have to understand that one size doesn't fit all.

  2. Dan, excellent vid. Very good sum up of the IULs fatal flaws. Looking forward to legions of IUL agents squirming at your Qs 🙂
    Would you put up the rest of the transcript for this vid? At the moment it cuts off partway through Q #1.
    Thanks Dan!

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