This Rescuer Was Brought To Tears When A Homeless Poodle Did The Sweetest Thing! Please Share!

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29 Replies to “This Rescuer Was Brought To Tears When A Homeless Poodle Did The Sweetest Thing! Please Share!”

  1. Dogs are just so pure. Yes, they can be mischevous, stubborn and a little naughty sometimes, but it is an innocent sort naughtiness. They are wonderful creatures that should be treated with kindness, fairness and plenty of love. Well that should go without saying, but not to these psychopaths that abuse and destroy the lives of these beautiful animals and make their lives a living hell. But what makes dogs so special, is that they are so forgiving of humans and can move on with their new owners and the people that help and save them. They are a gift and they truly are man's best friend, I question whether man is dog's best friend.

  2. She was so scared and pleading for anyone come close “please don’t hurt me, I’m a good girl “ her tail was in between her legs completely tucked into belly…yet she was licking the person trying to hold her… It was just painful to watch her in the beginning of this video. What a sweet baby… and how much pain and scary situation she must have been through… I’m sure she was once a pet of someone who decided to abandon her. I don’t understand those heartless beings… I wish I could adopt her but I guess she may be already adopted since this video is over 4 years old. I truly hope she is now being happy and healthy with loving forever family. Thank you for saving her.

  3. 690 negatives at last count.
    What are they seeing that I'm missing?
    Please help me understand the error of my ways. Thanks
    I'm impressed by the spirit, social attitude and affectionate manner despite her inhospitable background.

  4. Breaks my heart if it wasnt for rescues like hope for paws and the dodo dogs wpuld ne out afraid, starving, alone and would surcome to their demise. Thankyou

  5. I like to know who da hell gave a thumb down.. u have no heart be cos u never felt The love from a Dog. Trust me it da best love u ever get.

  6. Hitting an animal with ur car..n..leaving it to suffer n die ???..what a not only cruel but cowardly act….look then at dogs reaction ..homeless..hungry..criticaly injured…n..what does she do ?? kiss's…tell me now ??…which ones ??..deserve to b here ??…GOD BLESS..everyone who helped rescue layla…what an absolute beauty…inside n out…❤❤❤❤😚😚

  7. Best thing I ever did in my life was rescue animals. Cats, dogs, any little lovely gift who needs me I will help. I want to make this my job for the rest of my life. It’s the only thing that has ever truly made me feel like my soul was fed. They really rescued me. I never met an animal I didn’t fall in love with immediately. The know what you did for them and never aren’t grateful every single day. Been feeding rescues for 25 years now. I wish I could help them ALL. I WOULD! ❤️😻🐶🐱🐩🐈🐾❤️

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