Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Oregon. The liberal paradise.

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23 Replies to “Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Oregon. The liberal paradise.”

  1. How comments are so much more humble and civilized from the so-called conservative states of this "10 reasons Not to move to" series is beyond my recognition of liberalism.

  2. I live in Oregon, But I mean, you could live in washington, shop in oregon, work in washington. EZ livin. But that aint the case where I live up in northern oregon

  3. I’ve been watching land prices for awhile in Oregon. Rural land seems very cheap. Land prices have skyrocketed in Kansas, my home state. Went from as low as $600 an acre at the peak of the recession to nothing less than $6,500 an acre and it keeps going up. Oregon, if you know where to look has $2,000 an acre for alpine property with lots of trees and much more. Oregon’s bread and butter was logging for a very long time. Regulations put in, in the 80’s hit the economy bad. Lots of layoffs and a major staple withered a bit. Still is a major part of the economy as well as shipping. It just will never recover to the good ole days. Sustainability is key. For me, looking to move there. I’m considering federal government jobs. Mostly through the national guard. The army national guard has full time civilian jobs available for technician work that pays well. Just do what’s called an interstate transfer and you’re good to go. Jobs within the NG are less competitive since you typically have to be a member of the military to get the job. I’m a helicopter electronics mechanic. Aviation is a field that is not going away any time soon. So there’s security. Even if the NG job doesn’t come up. There’s likely a job maintaining aircraft. Since wildland firefighting and logging is still a major industry as well. It’d be fun to go.

  4. Its not bad to be a liberal? lmao… Liberals are responsible for literally every social and economic crisis in the history of our country… its a philosophy and a really bad one…

  5. The rain is a reason to move there. The rain in Oregon is what makes it beautiful and green . Also he mentions Portland not counting as Oregon and then talks about housing costs . Housing costs all over Oregon are very affordable minus Portland metro area .

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