Top 10 Scary Last Words From Airplane Crashes

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24 Replies to “Top 10 Scary Last Words From Airplane Crashes”

  1. I shouldn’t be watching this, I have never been on a plane and my first time going on one will be @ the end of the year and I have gotten so nervous (I don’t have a fear of flying, in fact I believe I will love it, but I just don’t like the thought of something going wrong) so hopefully @ the end of the year… it’ll all be good (since I’ll be in the air for a total of over 36 hrs *there and back*)

  2. I have had one near death (or so it felt at the time) I was at the beach playing in the water, seaweed got wrapped around my ankle and pulled me out towards the sea… my mom saved me after I’d gone under and gotten disoriented…

  3. one of my near-death experiences is when me and my brother and parents were going down an elevator it was a service elevator so it doesn't really support people that much what happened was we fell at least 5 floors before the emergency brake system kicked on best thanks giving ever

  4. This is the scariest thing that happened to me: On my way to school one day I was walking with my mom and we passed a car repair shop. The shop was very low budget, so it had no paved parking lot and was just open to the street. While weaving through the cars, one employee's dog, who was not on a leash, ran out of the shop barking towards me. I eased backwards, forgetting we were right next to the road, and felt the side of a car literally rub/push against my backpack, (it was plastic), while driving by. The lady in the car immediately parked on the side and asked if I was alright. Luckily I was okay.

  5. I am an aircraft mechanic of almost 10 years and listening to this list was particularly hard for me. The responsibility on my shoulders each and every day is heavy because i know that these accidents can and do happen. Fortunately ive never caused an accident. Sad though that this video exists. Even one accident is too many

  6. That Malaysian flight is still fishy. With all the technology we have, we lost an airplane? With all the precautions we make just so that doesn't happen, we still lost it? Hm.

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