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  1. BS the insurance company is required and obligated by law to make "you whole again" the "replacement value" of your vehicle plus tax and license….thats the amount of money you would need to replace your vehicle with a like vehicle….not a fkn trade value , value….run from this idiot!!!!

  2. In the situations I have been involved in I was offered market value of the vehicle not TRADE in value those are two drastically different numbers and if you are in this situation fight for market value do your own research and prove your car is worth more and was in pristine condition pre accident I.E. new tires, the car was maintained properly etc.

  3. I was hit by a stolen vehicle being chased by a police car in an alley in January 2017 my vehicle was totaled with me inside of it. My insurance agency denied my claim because I was a Lyft driver even though I wasn't on a Lyft drive at the time of the accident… I have been paying off my car even though it's been totaled since and I don't believe my injury attorney is making an effort. I feel hopeless and as if I'm running out of options. I need help. I believe the insurance company is taking as long as they possibly can and drawing this case out.

  4. My car was totaled but I still owed money on it. My insurance payed me what it was worth which means they paid off what was left and then wrote me a check for the remaining balance. They are asking for the title but I do not have the title since I was still making payments on the car. What do I do now?

  5. I dealt with parting away with my dear vehicle early 2018. Distracted driver in front halted and no matter how cautious, I hit the vehicle in front. Front grill was damaged lightly, hood in the front area was bent a bit, horn damaged. No leaks nothing major.
    -2007 Mercedes c 230, 68 k miles, well maintained
    -almost paid of
    -vehicle sat in repair shop for week and half
    -finally get word that it’s a total loss
    -no idea what to do so checked value of veh then accepted what was provided.
    -value was estimated roughly around 5000, I ended owing roughly 1200

    Here’s what is upsetting to me in July 2018
    -was told by repair shop that cosmetic damage, workmanship, labor and parts will exceed veh cost therefore totaled.
    -got new veh
    -see same totaled veh in a Costco parking lot in pristine condition.
    -how was the veh repaired and sold ( I am sure, at a profit) when it wasn’t worth it?
    – assuming it was sold (license plate holder said Benz of xyz)
    I left a note on the veh saying I have questions and information on this veh and gave my number. Feel that it’s just a racket. Upsetting because it was repairable and someone did.

  6. I think comparables are a good idea. However, insurance companies base their offers on the trade-in value of your vehicle. That value is typically less than a private seller would pay. I like to say, imagine if you took your vehicle into the dealership ten minutes before the wreck. What would they offer you on a trade-in for a new car? This video is intended to help you ballpark the value of your total loss. Insurance companies use kelly blue book as a guidebook.

  7. How can they give you trade in value when you are not trading a car in you are trying to replace a car. So if you see the identical car on a lot, same mileage and everything they expect you to go with your (trade in value) money and pay what a dealership is asking? If this is the case how do you replace the car? You end up pulling money out of your own wallet to replace a car that somebody else totaled in my case.

  8. So I bought a used car, about 10 days later while legally parked and enjoying dinner in a restaurant,  a woman came along and smashed into my car, it has been declared a total loss. When negotiating the settlement, am I entitled to seek the cost of sales tax and dmv fees I paid on the car prior to the accident, on top of the car value?

  9. If my car is totaled in an accident that was not my fault who will the other party’s insurance send the check to if I filed a third party claim but my car is financed

  10. I have a question. My front bumper was hit, it was lose, scratched up, part the headlight was scratched too and so was the hood. No dents or nothing. So I payed the 500 deductible. They gave me couple shops to take my car and they were gonna fix it. The shop and the company told me that I don't have to worry about paying the repairs. So my insurance called me saying that the cost of repairs was 1.9k (for just a bumper) and they weren't willing to pay that much, instead they said they could give me 2.5k for the mustang but it would be taken as a total loss. So I'm just confused. Is there a limit on the money my insurance is willing to pay on repairs or wtf? Because there's no way I'm giving up my car for 2.5k just because a fucking bumper

  11. Cici, I am sorry about what happened. You are in a bad spot. Oftentimes, a wreck makes a car so that it never functions correctly again. The best thing you could do is total the car. Pray you have enough money to pay off the loan and have some money left for a down payment. A car is totaled in SC if the repairs are more than 75% of the blue book value. Nada.com. Look for the trade-in value. You can only get the value of a comparable 2015, the same vehicle. Not a new one.

  12. Last month I got hit by a lady who ran a red light. She had Farmers insurance. Our car was taken to a collision center and they had it for almost 2 weeks before we got it back. It looked perfect but the next day the check engine light came on. We took it back to the collision center and they said nothing was wrong with it and cleared the code. Since then we have had to take our car back to get serviced FIVE TIMES because the check engine light keeps coming back on and each time it something different that's wrong. This time around they can't even figure out what is wrong it it. I feel as if the collision center didn't even really fix our car and now we've got a busted vehicle with a multitude of problems popping up- when we never had a single problem with it prior to the accident. It was only a little over a year old. I have no idea where to go from here. I feel like it isn't fair that we are stuck with a car with ongoing problems. I feel as if it should be replaced, but if they replace it- are they only going to give us the value of the car? Its a 2015 Pathfinder. I dont want another 2015 pathfinder. I bought a new pathfinder at the time, I feel like I should be getting a new pathfinder in return for her stupidity. In other words- because some lady decided to run a red light and collide with us, my family is going to have to come out of pocket to get a new car unless we buy a used one. I'm so confused on to how this works and how that is even fair.

  13. This always pisses me the fuck off so bad.

    When you TRADE in your car you NEVER get the value of what it is really worth. A car is an asset that depreciates rapidly.

    So how can you put a price on my 99 Honda that was healthy as a fucking ox and still had many more years to go without breaking down.

    What if I didn't WANT to sell my car because I knew how long it was going o last was much more valuable then Kelly blue books stupid estimate of 1400?

    It's so dumb. So unfair. They are lucky I don't take the law into my own hands since I'm getting screwed so kuch

  14. so why won't they just give you what the estimate says it cost to fix the car because eventually and if you look at it if you take some little stuff like that doesn't really leave you room get another vehicle that fits families size

  15. Jeremy,

    I am sorry you were on the short end of the stick on your situation. Unfortunately, it is a pretty common occurrence. What I tell my clients is they can make up the property damage on the back end of their bodily injury claim. It is not a great situation to be in, but a good lawyer can help make a bad situation better.

  16. I'm an adjuster for a major insurance company and I'll tell you this: Unless you live in a remote area and/or have a specific vehicle need (I.E. wired plow in North Dakota with struts), your insurance company will often value your vehicle more than KBB/NADA. If you disagree with the value, look it up. You'll often find you're getting a bargain. If you feel you have a specialized vehicle – prove it. Insurance companies are not out to screw you – they pay out what you are owed, and they are there to find coverage when they can. But they are not going to hand out money when it's not warranted.

  17. Despite my username, I'm a Total Loss insurance adjuster and this information is 95% spot on. Insurance companies pay the actual cash value for your vehicle – we are not out to lowball you – we are here to pay you what your vehicle is worth in the event of a total loss. 

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