Totaled Vehicle? Tips on How to Negotiate the Insurance Payout

A guide to the total loss process with examples of two completely different vehicles.


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  1. Whoever takes the advice of someone who makes a video while driving and has totaled two cars in two years, deserves nothing more than to total their car as well. I hope you total this car too and get jack shit for it you entitled pompous twat

  2. Got hit from the back in a 2015 truck I paid $40,000 and only owe 3 years it only has 34,000 miles. It was only left corner is smashed in but nothing hits the tire or anything. The exhaust pipe is bent. Would it be salvage??

  3. I have 2006 corolla, 235,000 miles, someone hit me, car has body damage and either tranny shot (which i just replaced) or axle broken or something to do with linkage. Jump start the car, engine sounds good (i should hope so, that's new too). Put auto tranny into drive or reverse and this loud frighting god awful noise sounds out. Car will not move. No liquids were left behind on road after accident. I am injured and after being a 35 year member/client/customer with USAA; i believe now that my worst enemy might be easier to deal with. I added rental car coverage to my policy 6.5 hours before accident, that wasn't my fault. They won't honor it. HA HA. ISN'T HONOR ALL OVER THEIR TV and RADIO and MAGAZINE COMMERCIALS? TYPICAL. They said my active auto policy was updated Saturday around midnight, which is strange since they don't work weekends. USAA is a federal bank, banking hours are Monday – Friday 8-5p. After accident, i was left alone in the black of the night for 2 HOURS for an authorized USAA tow truck to show up. A San Diego police officer showed up and left after jumping my car. But car was inoperable. See ya, he said.

    Nationwide is responsible. They said they will accept guilt, but not yet. Playing games, with my life and health. They have rental car coverage, but wont give it to me until i release my car to them to repair. And USAA is fucking me over too. USAA said if i get my car repaired or estimate thru them, I wont get rental car at all. It took me 3 days after accident to seek medical help, because i didn't have a car or ride. I'm still w/o a vehicle. and its scary to think what am i going to do as my injuries get more and more painful with no way and no money to get to hospital. I'm gonna lose my job and the new job will fall thru because i don't have a car to get to work.

  4. My girlfriend was in an accident and my car was totalled, the police on scene and my insurance company said the other driver is liable. My question is does the strategy change when it’s not my insurance that is paying for the replacement vehicle

  5. Thank you for the informative video, I certainly learned a lot. I recently purchased a 2017 Honda Civic with 14k miles and it is a salvage car but it has a rebuilt title that I created when I bought it out. I got rear ended recently and I am in the beginning process of talking to my insurance. I believe the car is totaled but not sure yet still waiting to hear back. In this case, will my insurance look at the actual value of the car as if it wasn't salvaged or will they lower its value since it is salvaged with a rebuilt title? How can I get a fair settlement? Please help!

  6. I wonder if my insurance will total or repair my 2012 Toyota Yaris LE automatic with 140,000 miles. The current repair bill at the body shop is $5,600! The adjuster estimated $1,200 of damage, but my body shop looked and saw there was even more damage. The only thing is I still ower $3,500 on it. I'm still waiting on what my insurance will say. It shouldn't be too long now. I should know in a day or two. What should I do if it's totaled? I don't think they'll wanna pay $5,600 of parts, and labor on a 6 year old car.

  7. Thanks! I was hot from behind by a car driving too fast in the rain on the interstate yesterday. I was in the slow lane going 60 on cruise control in a 70, which is reasonable with the rain. My Impala got grazed a little on the back, and a little on the side. The other vehicle had a lot more damage because it went off the road. It is a 2001 3.8 liter V6 Impala with 228,000, but very well taken care of in excellent condition. I'm worried it will be totaled, but not ready to buy anything else until I get more money's worth. My question is, is there a way of negotiating a totaled status to be able to continue driving?

  8. Some guy rear-ended me with my family in my car we all got hurt and they want to declare my car a total loss because it has 200, 000 miles is a 09 Honda Accord and it looks and nice I keep it nice new Transmissions with 66, 000 miles I should be hearing from thim tomorrow whatever they throw at me I'm going to say no my kids love this car

  9. I got into my first ever fender bender and I'm 25 and also live in Oregon (Eugene)…I was soooo nervous, my hands were shaking when I gave my information to the other people involved. I still am shaking after it happened…most of the damage was done to my car. Only going 5 mph…both stopped at a red light.

  10. had a hail storm recently and my vehicle is messed up, hoping i can fix it and they don't total it…problem is same thing happened last year but it was repaired.

  11. this is so darn informational THANK YOUUU! i am going to be con tacted today hopefully for a price they want to give me and its taken progressive 1 week to get everything finalized….they are so slow. do not get progressive.

  12. Thank you so much for this!! I just went through this and I wanted to know what to do when I asked these questions. I appreciate you posting this video and informing others even though you don’t have to.

  13. the adjuster im dealing with just wont budge. its been months and by his balls wants me to take 3k. which its only the cost for the of the costum leather interior. he doesnt wanna give me anymore

  14. I have a question… when I filled out my documents, I said my car was worth 2,500. I have spent a lot of money on her in the past 2 years of ownership. Should I expected more than 2.500. My car has also appreciated in value if anything. Thanks for the video

  15. My BMW 2011 335i convertible was total and KKB third party value around 15000-18000, but it very hard to buy it,
    And buy a car like this repair cost more than 2300 dollars.
    So what the price I should except?
    I except 23000 dollars.
    And the strategy is that called them it’s hard to buy, and the dealer offers a higher price and refused to low it.

    Second, tell them it’s cost a lot to repair.
    When I refused their offer twice, they will give a reasonable offer.

  16. Wanna personally thank you for your video. Gave me the confidence to get a 3K gain on my total loss settlement on my wrecked car. Based on ur vid I went to various used car websites and pretended I wanted to buy the same car with the first low settlement amount and realized that I couldn’t without haggling price with seller. So I made an excel sheet showing 5 different sellers of similar cars and showing the asking prices and asked for a 3K increase and I got it. I think the coolest and most important u said is, always start by saying no to the first offer. Thumbs up to putting ur video out there for others.

  17. Thank you for the tips. My mustang was totaled in a rear end collison 3 days after I bought the damn thing. It was pristine, winter stored, no rust.
    I'm going to take these tips and hopefully come out on top. 👍

  18. I have a Mercedes 2010 and miles 126073 and I have hail damage so they total my car out. She said $7911 and I said Thats not a good price and she gave me $8376. I only hail damage. My car is running good! I have 2 car payments left and I ask about paying my car back she it will cost 3572.36. They will take out my last payments 1361 from 8376. I'm not feeling good about that. What should I do?

  19. Could anyone give honest advice. I got into a fender bender… I had no insurance on my vehicle Geico put a lien on my license saying is have to pay 20,000 to get it back…. now I'm a single mother of two kids how can I…

  20. while driving, home from a trip my car engine stopped working, which resulted to smoke. I called AA a recuse van, called my insurance company. they said since its an old car 2007, its going to be a right off. now my insurance excess is 700 pounds. and they claim they will send an engineer  to pick it up have a look at it and give me a price offer.  now my prices offer according to them is same price it goes for in my area. please advice me.

  21. An independent appraisal is key if your car is older like a Supra, or any car you restored or modified. If the accident wasn't your fault you need to be made whole again. I know someone who received 108k for his Subaru that was extensively modded. The first offer was 30k insurance thought they didn't have to pay for mods. Keep those receipts everyone.

  22. Does this work with uninsured motorist coverage with a cap of 3500? I was hit by a stolen vehicle, insured was not present in the vehicle, totaled my car. There denying the claim and all i have to cover my total loss is uninsured motorist. I have a 2012 TOY Yaris thats worth at least 6400

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