Transfer Walk at Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1 | Connection Flight | Asian to EU Flight Transfer

Watch all our AIRPORT VIDEOS, Link in comments section below. Transit walk at Frankfurt Airport in Germany – Arriving on a Lufthansa Flight from Asia and …


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  2. My connection will be here in this airport, but im afraid cos i hv only 1 hour and 40 minutes to take the other flight, i really dont know if i will get this??!!

  3. Thanks for this excellent video. We will have a connecting flight in Frankfurt and appreciate your advice to get assistance. That is a big airport! Our travel agent recommends it because of its excellent passenger services.

  4. Awesome video! Does the immigration/passport control at the airport have the electronic passport readers or do you have to stand in line to be checked by staff?

  5. Hi I am flying London-Frankfurt-Shanghai with connecting time in Frankfurt of 1:55. Will this be enough time? The arrival and departures in Frankfurt are both at Terminal 1

  6. Hello! Thank you for this helpful video. My mother and I are flying Lufthansa to Frankfurt in an 11 and a half hour flight. In Frankfurt we have about an hour and fifteen minute layover in order to make a connection to another Lufthansa flight to Charles de Gaulle. Is an hour and fifteen long enough? Since we are checking our luggage do we have to go claim it and then recheck it? Also, how long does immigration take? This is our first time traveling internationally, so any tips that you could give would really be helpful! Thanks again for the walkthrough 🙂

  7. I’m so nervous, I’m going there on thursday alone. Because I’m going to San fransisco. Did you need to take the train cause it was that far away? It’s sooo big that’s why it makes me so nervous. Any tips for traveling alone or tips on Frankfurt airport, I’m so scared to miss my flight

  8. Hello nice video
    Please tell is 1 hour 15 minuets is enough time to travel from gate A11 to gate C13
    I have a connecting flight to Mumbai from Amsterdam via Frankfurt
    The connection have a same airline Lufthansa
    Please reply !!!

  9. Hello! Your videos are amazing, and very informational tomorrow my fiancee is traveling from San Salvador – Panama and then Panama- Frankfurt and finally from Frankfurt to Paris.

    I'm just a litte concern about customs and inmigrattions since she doesn't speak any other language than Spanish. On your own experience how would you describe about customs and inmigration do you know if they have Spanish speaking personel?

    Also, i See that you did not making any luggage claim because your tickets were booked on the same boarding pass I asking for the luggage check for her, do you think she will be doing customs declaration on Frankfur or Paris?

    Thank you Very much in advance. You have a two new subcribers!

  10. I gonna fly from Amsterdam to Tokyo transit in Frankfurt ! I worry I won't make it because I only have 1 hour transit in Frankfurt you think that would be enough?

  11. Hey, thank you so much for your help. I will sure that I can connecting the flight from PHX-FRA-BSL on Condor & Lufthansa. Is FRA airport easy? I don't want to get lost. I know my next flight to BSL is in Z gates, am I correct?

  12. Not an airport I would look forward to transiting in; it took you well over 20 minutes to get from gate to gate even with the travelators and train. Pity the person with limited  mobility  trying to do this in peak hour.

  13. That is so cool you got to fly on Lufthansa's B748! Hopefully there's a flight review planned at some point!? Very informative video once again, looks like you might want to have a good amount of transit time at FRA. Liked!

  14. Hi
    How are you, my friends?
    Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Europe and the world and it is the airport of the heart of Europe and that is why it is important to travel, connect to the lounge and other things. You explained everything you did
    greetings to you all
    Thank you

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