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  1. I made a donation which I assumed, wrongly, was intended for Julen’s family! It was unclear donations support this Agenda Free Coverage. I’m very disappointed. Julen’s funeral took place today. All Spain is in mourning. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  2. After losing their 3 year old son, Oliver, to a heart attack in 2017, losing Julen … Even more heartbreaking that his "accident" was because of some illegal bore hole! Anyone know why you wouldn't fill in a hole, 100 yards deep, that didn't pan out for water? Caps don't always work. Prayers for the family, and the entire country of Spain.

  3. Thank you for staying on this all day. It's sad news but at least the family can begin to grieve and move forward. GOD bless them and comfort them in their pain.

  4. So sad. How long was he missing before the authorities were notified? Remember the boys trapped in the flooded cave with their coach? All rescued. Outside help was asked for. US team and others went in to help. Wasn't outside help asked for here? If not, why?

  5. It's been both emotional an stressful watching all this take place and I know many including myself have been praying for all those involved that the outcome would be a happy one but it was not to be. If anything for those of us that believe we know little Julen is in the arms of our Lord and Savior where there is no pain and suffering anymore an only peace an joy abound. Please keep the parents and all those who were involved it trying to rescue little Julen in your thoughts and prayers as they have so much grief to deal with. I can only imagine how heartbroken they all are.

  6. This poor innocent child died because of the mistake of people. This hole created from PEAPLE.. Nobody could imagine that there is such a deep hole and not covered. And EVERYBODY could be in the same position as his parents..
    I feel so so sad and cant describe my feelings.
    Rest in peace my little angel.
    You are in heaven.
    I love you without knowing you.
    I will remember you.
    From Greece.

  7. The Civil Guard and the Guardia Civil is not the same thing. There's 3 police forces in Spain. Policia Local, Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil. I was in Andalucia 3 months ago and saw cars from all three of them

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