23 Replies to “Truck insurance will put you out of business if you don’t know this.”

  1. Liking your content man. I’m from WV but my insurance agent is in OH. I started 5 years ago with progressive about $1200 a month. Now I pay $8500 a year for a single truck and trailer.

  2. Thank you so much. We had our authority/etc based in Texas. We had Progressive and it was high to us. Of course we were coming out of fracking and OTR is a whole different world. Now I am looking at starting a new company in GA BUT you just changed my mind. I will go back to Texas….box truck…hopefully I will build to 3 units. Thank you for your post

  3. I’m from Florida too getting ready to fire off my insurance and MC #. I’ve heard about NC rates being very low; however, will my LLC need to based out of NC or Texas to qualify for the rates they offer?

  4. Im in va my first year i paid 1000 a month. The next year it went up to 1550 a month with clean record on progressive. When i call and complained they said that its based off accidents and claims in the state. What sad is self insured big carriers claims are uses for that data and that is not fair!

  5. Hi there i just appiled for my dot from GA & my corporation is base out of new jersey. My question is if i try south carolina insurance i am not SC resident so does that make any difference?

  6. I understand WY, MT & those MidWest states are the cheapest along with OH – now, do you setup a PO BOX & reroute mail to your actual home base? I'm in FL, entering Company Driving but aiming for OO (HotShot to start first)…

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