42 Replies to “Trucks and Cars Brake Checked – NO REASON, RAGE or INSURANCE SCAM ? | Compilation 2018 #5”

  1. The above says 'Submit your Dashcam', by all means do so, but also send a copy to your local police station. This is dangerous driving and also endangering life, both of which are offenses and can be dealt with by the law. Any driver who resorts to this kind of Moronic behavior deserves to lose their licence forever. So report them.

  2. As long as everything is done in a legal manner, whatever happens to the person(s) in the vehicle that stops suddenly, is well deserved. You have a video that shows exactly what that, for lack of the words I wanted to use, idiot did to you.
    I used to travel for a living, mostly by car, and had this happen to me, as well to others. Of the videos I have seen, 99% are not instigated by the driver who's videoing this. The jerks who pull over in front of you, are the guilty ones.

  3. If there are three people in a room, one will be an asshole. The second is an idiot. The third is normal and is trying to find a way out of the room.

  4. I see a lot of people endorsing the idea of turning footage over to police, but check the laws in your state first. I say this because my state of Arkansas has a statute that prohibits the use of a camera to enforce traffic laws. The state trooper's barracks would be overrun with footage that they couldn't do anything with.

  5. Ich bin der Ansicht das der jeweilige Staat zu wenig gegen solche Honks unternimmt. Also sollte "Weg Räumen" mit 40 Tonnen Legitim sein,oder etwa nicht?

  6. The worst damn thing I hate about driving a big vehicle is when someone always acts like their in a fuckin rush then zip right along side of you to get in front of you then break all the damn sudden when no one is in front of them to begin with…

  7. Trucks can't stop as quick as cars, and jamming on the brakes while driving a truck can cause those innocent ones behind to slam into you… or you could jack-knife taking out innocent drivers alongside you. IMHO when people brake-check truck, the safest action is to ram into them. Just have dash-cameras on board to show that they were brake-checking

  8. The guy with the dash cam at 3:10 is an ass. Flashes high beams and tailgates instead of using the empty lane to the left. That’s up there with flooring it to block someone who had room to merge, then honking or hitting the other car.
    When you drive like an ass and try to piss people off, you’re bound to catch something on camera.

  9. Most of these are, "Hey you can't pass me or I'll honk if you do!" Let them in and avoid the stress! What's the deal with letting someone in front of you. Stop the Road Rage before it sets in!!!!

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