44 Replies to “Trying a non authentic Vietnamese restaurant MUKBANG”

  1. Making a Banh Mi using soft sandwich bread is like cutting the fat off steak before cooking it!!! Nothin' but a sin!!! I hear you Mimi!

  2. Yes for dude using chop sticks, yes for Vietnamese food and keeping them greens on your teeth… love it when I see my family still got them greens stuck on their teeth and they don’t know… y’all a cute ass couple 🀩

  3. Dang I hate that. I went to Jamaica earlier this month for my honeymoon and at the hotel all the food was so blah to please the Americans, Brits and Canadians. I was so disappointed. We had to go off the resort to find authentic food.

  4. Omgeeeeeeeee! I know I already commented but I busted up laughing when you said β€œI’m done and then you laughed and said no I’m not!” You laughed and had a green leaf or cilantro on your tooth! Giiiirl you make me bust up! It’s 1:30 am in Cali right now and I just got in trouble by my hubby for waking him up! πŸ˜‚ idc that shit was funny! Thanks for making me laugh Mimi πŸ’• not a lot of people can do that

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