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  1. When it was all said and done the google play app crashed the first time i opened it, but turning the kindle on and off again helped. I'm able to read my books with ease! thank you!

  2. Off topic: if you have the cheaper Fire Tablet 7th Gen preloaded with ads, just contact amazon chat rep and ask them to remove ads, they claim its $15 but since i was a prime customer already they waived fee.

    As for this tutorial, spot on. I have 7th gen 8 with Fire OS i believe.

    Side note, after reboot, it was kind of laggy launching Google Play Store. Needed about 6 taps to launch, then it crashed. Rebooted a 2nd time, it worked fine. THEN, when i tried to download some google apps, the downloaded froze at pending for about 30 seconds, but then started. FYI, my tablet was right next to my router with a 600 MBps stream, and it still froze a bit.

    But overall it started working normally.

  3. Followed directions and installed successfully 21.12.17 on my 6th Generation Kindle Fire HD 8. Just wanted to talk about the results and some suggestions:

    1) Follow the directions exactly. Best to read the blog post and watch the video a couple times, just to be sure. If you have myriad applications already installed, you don't want to mess up your tablet and have to do a factory reset and re-install and enter passwords, etc. This is really easy to do, but don't just follow along. Be clear on what is necessary and do it. Read and watch a couple times before jumping in. Installing the packets in the wrong order means you will most likely have to reset your device.

    2) I suggest only installing those applications which are not available on Amazon Fire HD. This is for two reasons. First, it is easier to manage you applications if you know which you are using from which store (Amazon or Google Play). In my case, this was Chrome (though I use Silk also), Gmail, YouTube, Google Translate, BBC News, Imgur, Tumblr, and TCM. Second, the apps you get from the Amazon App Store are optimized for Amazon.

    3) Which brings me to another thing: set updates for manual only. This is why it helps to know from which store you got the app. But you don't want to update Netflix from Google when you got it from Amazon. (Not being a techie, I don't know why. But I am sure it will screw something up.)

    4) Fire tablets are poor multitaskers in the first place due to low RAM. Installing this will slow things down even more. Downloads (like Kindle books, etc.) will take longer. I assume this is because you are running far more background applications because Google Play Store is installed. So opening multiple tabs in your browser will take a bit to load, especially on news sites (which is all I really look at on the browser) due to targeted ads and video.

    5) Pandora through the Amazon store did not load. It opened and closed repeatedly. I uninstalled it and installed it through Google Play Store and it ran without incident.

    6) I have found that I cannot manage notifications since making the installation. Despite not having changed my settings, I am getting notifications for everything now. Before, it was only e-mail, downloads, weather, and updates (which were automatic before). Now, I get them for apps from my Amazon store despite it being clear in settings that I don't want them. Not a big deal but heads up.

    I do not know if battery life is affected by installing Google. I would say I could safely get about 12 hours of battery life even if I watched videos the whole time. I do like watching movies on my tablet and I read a great deal of news on the browser and Kindle Books. I tend to charge my device about every two days when it is between 40-50%.

    I am considering doing a reset. The slower speed is a trade-off for having five or six more apps. But, I really like having TCM on my device. Before, I had to watch on my phone or run it on my phone but send it to my Roku.

    So do your research. Again, the directions presented work fine and there is no damage to your device. Many of you probably are far more tech savvy than I am and installing Google Play Store on your device is useful. For ordinary folk such as myself, maybe not so much. But I thought I'd take the time and share my experience having done this.

  4. I make it to the Google Account Manager download screen, but nothing happens. I've enabled downloads from unknown sources and developer options, as suggested below. I've rebooted as well. I'm on the screen that says "Your download is starting, if not please click here." I click "here" as well, but nothing happens.

  5. I just installed the exact same apk as you and it all worked perfectly thanks a lot. (I was trying to install the updated versions and ran into all sorts of trouble, doing it your way worked a treat) Appreciated

  6. I was THIS close to returning my son's Kindle Tablet! I needed the Touch Lock App because my toddler touches the screen when watching movies and be flips out when the screen changes. I looked in the Amazon Store and found nothing!! Thank you so much!!!! This was SO easy to do and the Touch App is working perfectly!

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