40 Replies to “UK building melts cars”

  1. Very good design if the building is near a beach area and shine it directly at the beach, then you can have a all year round beach experience

  2. I can cure that problem with my rifle. a couple 100 rounds through the windows in about 10 minutes should do the trick. But I suppose people would get a little upset if I just opened fire on the glass windows. The bobbies would come after me with their sticks and we all know that the stick is mightier than a AR rifle. Oh they scare me so LOL. BTW I 'll take my steak and eggs medium rare and once over on the eggs with toast and jam on the side and a cold cup of coffee to boil the the rays of the building to warm it up. Oh yeah, 3 lumps of sugar.

  3. Surely engineers should be able to predict this sort of outcome, but then again, who could possibly blame them for not even imagining the sun could sometimes come out in England…

  4. So their basically saying the building is safe most of the time, but pedestrians may burst into flame twice a year. Could turn it into a tourist attraction…. walk down the sidewalk and survive you get a tshirt and complementary spray from a fire hose

  5. 'The problem is the current elevation of the sun' ROFL! Sure it's not the fact that you fuckwits don't know when you've built a solar furnace in the middle of London? Christ.

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