17 Replies to “Using Nearby with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)”

  1. These simply don't work as an advertising medium. I have placed several beacons in convention centres in Canada, not one query or hit on my site. Even with the full integration of the Google widget in chrome for Android phones (no app necessary) and with the tiny notification bar that nobody notices or knows what it is for, this product is a failure as an advertising tool. As usual with most American products: half-baked, over-hyped and under-delivered.

  2. I just want to say this was useless. You did not help at all. We all know about Eddystone. We wanted to learn how to use it, not as developers but as business people.

  3. it works with th bluetooth……. right ?? users need only bluetooth to get data .. right?? he/she does not require any other internet connection for that right ???

  4. I mean they are always quite helpful but Google Dev courses and their instructors always get on my nerves with their incredibly contrived humour and awkward scripted tone. Although I know it's not, the tone borders on condescension at times. I wish they had more of grounded feel vs their stepford vibe.

  5. I have the latest Google Play Services client library (version 26) . The includeDevicePresenceMessages() API is not available. Also, the SubscribeOptions class in not available in the client library.

  6. I wouldn't go near the StickNFind beacons after they failed to deliver my order from their website and even the older versions on Amazon have a terrible rating.
    Not to mention Jon Atherton is a well known scammer with a few indiegogo & kickstarter campaigns that have failed (but he got the money!)

  7. It's really weird that Google Developers
    Channel does videos and don't showcase Android. A Google platform.. Instead you have iPhone and iOS in the video.. Shame really..

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