15 Replies to “Using Phyllo Pastry – Good Food – BBC”

  1. Thanks, I did a search on yt and got you and you gave me what I needed. I pulled 1 full sheet, sprayed it with ghee, folded it in thirds and made a triangle with that. This will be perfect for packets of almost anything. Spicy little enchilada packets with a jalapeno ring baked on top. Dungeness crab and black truffle packets. Or something exotic like peanut butter and jelly packets. I did a single pumpkin cheesecake parcel and stayed way under 200 calories.

  2. THANK YOU MATE all the way from South Florida I have guests coming over and your video help me out big-time I like to thank you one more time and I'm going to give it a shot peace out from Terese ✌👱 🐶 👍👍👍

  3. Excellent, thanks for the great tips. I am attempting my first Phyllo pastries for a lunch I'm hosting soon. I have decided to go with a Danish blue cheese and pear filling, can't wait!

  4. Excellent video.  To the point.  Easy to follow.  Perfect results.  This will be my first time with phyllo & I'm confident that after watching this video, my creation will be perfection.  Thank you so much, Sarah.

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