25 Replies to “Vegan Recipe | Mushrooms, Coconut, Parsley, Garlic Pepper, Salt and Whole Wheat Bread”

  1. I'm not vegan, but this looks good! I just wanted to say that I was sorry you deleted the parade video. Hearing your laughter was just the funniest thing! I was laughing right along with you. I'd be the friend standing beside you laughing, but saying, "Ana! Stop! Those people are looking at us! Shhh! hahaha!"

  2. Hi How are you and your kitties havent sen them in awhile.Hope they are ok.You too.Today it was announced there are enough votes to protect Muller!Also did you see the way Puti and the Arab Prince greeted each other>Stupid trumpster walked by scowling.I think hr was jealous of Puti and PrinceAlso the Puiti /Trump meeting is back on($ now who knows?)Other tarot readers Trump will be gone between Jan &March.WHOOPEE! BTW that looks delicious!!

  3. Thanks for your great readings! Please, tell me if you noticed the 9 of swords today in readings? Have you noticed the swords look like scimitars just like the Saudi Arabians are famous for! All with dripping blood! Deck: Lo Scarabeo tarot. ???? Linda

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