16 Replies to “Velocity Banking Step By Step”

  1. Great video… . My question is using the help I get the chunk amount that is used towards the mortgage…. But would we keep paying the regular mortgage payments too? Meaning, every month do we still pay the regular mortgage bill ontop of the chuck payment we payed towards principal?

  2. Thanks Denzel that makes much more sense now. My next question now is once you get a LOC, does it work like a credit card or a debit card? In other words, how do you pay things with it once you dump your pay check into it? Let me know. Thanks

  3. Denzel, whoa! Second month of credit card not clear at all. If you charge the expenses back on card how does balance just dissappear? You would have to pay more on it next month or how do you pay expenses and get to zero? 🤯

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