Visiting Jin’s restaurant (we waited three hours lol) – Edward Avila






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  1. The waiting is actually because it wasn't supposed to be revealed that the restaurant belongs to Jin and his brother. The companies just put the flowers in front of the shop when it was closed so the owners didn't notice them until after the whole thing had gone pretty much viral. That's why they're running out of food and are totally understaffed.
    EDIT: Also Jin doesn't work there I saw some people commenting about it. He's just a owner. Jins brother does work there though, some ARMYs have met him when he served them n stuff.

  2. So basically you have to call when you eat a meal so then when you get called you already would've digested the food and you'd be hungry again

  3. Yo me pregunto si a este men no le da miedo caminar por las calles de Corea, hay minas que seguramente lo deben violar con la mirada. Por que si llega a caminar por las calles de cual quier parte de algún país de Latino America… y mas si la persona es Kpop, lo secuestran.. violan a los segundos o directamente.. lo comen a besos de una. Que decirte XD

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