Was the Titanic Sunk? : Documentary on the Titanic Conspiracy (Full Documentary)

Was the Titanic Sunk? : Documentary on the Titanic Conspiracy (Full Documentary). …


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  1. insurance scam was always on the cards even before construction, this is why two were built at the same time and by the same owner in the same yard, the real reason was to gain control of the American banking system and have the federal reserve act passed which gave monetary control to individuals and away from the government, with the vast majority of the opposition perishing on what was thought to be the Titanic the reserve act was passed the following year in 1913. Wake up !

  2. the switch was possible, as they stated in the documentary, a lot of insurance scams were done this exact way, it's not out of the realm of reality to pull this thing off, always look closer, never believe what is given to you first hand, as more often than not there is an agenda and a one sided one at that.

  3. Yo ,it's Brock. American Indian grave sites are disturbed all the time also the ancient burial sites of the Egyptians (pyramids) ,Romans and Greeks are disturbed too so let's disturb the Titanic in the name of truth ,and why not? Plus if my family was on the Titanic I'd like to know positively "with evidence "that there is damage under that mud and that it was the cause that sank that ship and killed them,wouldn't you care if it were your family? So until proof is shown what is or isn't under the mud the "ice berg story "is just speculation or conjecture or perhaps the beginning of fake news or a cover up.

  4. This is a good documentary. It debunks the ridiculous myth, originating in the idle talk of idiots who had nothing better to think about. The dumb gossiping class. The same is true today, because people want to believe, just as they want to believe in aliens or that we did not land on the moon, 9/11 etc. We seem to be surrounded by these morons who are too weak to engage their brains, because thinking requires effort. For the Titanic there are many items that provide tangible forensic evidence confirming that the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic is the Titanic and the evidence grows with every exploration. It is reassuring when a documentary maker starts out with a mission to understand what has happened … and then logically and intelligently considers the balance of evidence. Conspiracy theorists are generally people of very poor cognition who formulate their opinions, while arduously rejecting any and all genuine tangible evidence that does not fit with their chosen viewpoint. In contrast, they gather and manipulate information which they purport supports their views, no matter how small, irrelevant or stupid.

  5. Dig out the mud around the bow and show us proof of "a long gash "made by an ice berg.We need evidence or the "official story" of what happened is just speculation at best.

  6. What a load of shit how had all the workers and crew kept there mouths shut how no one including builders who made the ship not notice the difference between change of ships what they stumbled across an iceberg and thought we crash in that the crew didn't have proper training for accident as In ship sinking getting people in boats because they weren't expecting the unsinkable too sink including white star why not put enough life boats on titanic for everyone if they knew they were gonna sink it simple it's all bullshit people have been watching too many films titanic hit an iceberg and sunk Olympic got scrapped if this conspiracy was real too many people would have talked not the odd retard

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