49 Replies to “Watch Live: 2018 Midterm Elections Coverage | NBC News”

  1. BL- This is how insane Madison, WI is, a bill that will fine Businesses using Air Conditioning and leaving windows and doors open "to long" will be fined $50 to $100 dollars??? How Long is to Long?? Who is going to waste time counting the seconds?? What kind of ignorant fools do we have in WI???

  2. I love this, none of these people know modern politics… first off swings happen and sometimes big ones. The house usually goes for the house because of population differences and the senate goes for republicans for many of the same reasons. Also you the Democrats don’t have complete control of the branch of government and that means gridlock. And lastly trump can still sign executive orders and push his agenda less quickly, but not with any real consequences. You want to tell me it’s a win, no it’s a victory with no winner. And if there is no real winner then trump continues to win. See you guys in 2020.

  3. take control of the 3 branches, in 2020 chucky baby, then get rid of the electoral college then you can stuff the rural area…when 3 and this case 6 million more Americans , voted against trump ,you can stuff the rural areas…there must be a way to rid Americans of this rigged set up, .when cattle outnumber people and they have 2 senators apiece you aint a democracy BUBBA, and nowhere near it. in my country the winner wins???????????

  4. you just announced that the dens take control of the house, without absolute no expression of glee, you boring shower should have been punching the air hugging each other GAME over wiggy, trump won because of FOX ferking news, while you were saying oh we cant call him a racist sexist a liar ..they were spouting and echoing that baldy baskets campaign of fear

  5. murders , cor blimey yeah on the US side of your borders…' hey sarge is that toddler got a real gun in his hands ' naw sonnnnnnnn he is a Honduran not a Texan bang bang, her comes JEANNE, there is somrthing 100% sure none of the bang bangers will have the surname TRUMP

  6. why did the mid terms matter so much to 2 scots, my wife and I ,and with the race seemingly a lot closer than predicted ….the simple answer is we are decent empathetic people.. hitler was once asked if he had a conscience, and he retorted conscience is a jewish invention.

    empathy and conscience are the most important emotions on earth and the following list contains monsters who had neither.:


    I NEVER EVER THOUGHT IN MY LIFETIME, I could comfortably add a president of the united states, but he deserves to be on it, THATS HOW that vote was the worlds was the most important EVER …..good on you US decency will always triumph in the end phew

  7. [ the top do are my favourite anchors, in order William – hayes , larry, , Wallace, kornaki , this lot are boring.. this was the most important election, regardless of it being a mid term, your country have EVER had ..that buzzard is now toast.. well done America the rest of the FREE world Theresa May Merkel , Macron, the Queen are very grateful , this was a message dems to every despot , or right wing surge in the former Warsaw pact … America this was your , and the worlds last hope yeah it was that IMPORTANT.. BY THE WAY I AM WAY LEFT OF MICHAEL MOORE, WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS

  8. why does that ogre habitual liar sanders is ever on MSNBC ..do you liberal lot, not recognised that this is a gutter fight and the nicey nicey presenters are far too polite, that's why hilary got thumped, by the worst ever president of your great but sordid country. lay into her and the focx propaganda machine.according to trump view of women then that fat, lying, hate filled, ugly, bucket erse's KITTY is 100% safe …his words not miner

  9. once again, the puppet show on MSNBC, began last week grinning flipping 80 seats [ districts, then gloom and oh no blue wave, said the glum presenters, if they had been paying attention to a republican strategist lady, name? butted in when another panellist was informing us that there were lots of races l 1 – 2 points difference…again it takes a republican to point out the rnc had walked away. from. .she also pointed out that these gains would be in the mid west and would not appear until later in the night ..she forecast a 35 40 seats gained.. how right she was well done hen [ a scots describing a term of endearment ] for women… not a derogatory SON crap eg a few good men

  10. when does steve scmidt, get a word , he is different class than the others, todd the joker useless , andrea Mitchell boring where brian Williams different plant than the head boy. steve's interview ' all in ' was the best clip I have ever witnesses., brilliantly handled by chris hayes . no ' untruths ' or ' we are better than this ' joe biden, America you aint better, you elected t trump thanks to these stock semantics we are better than this tter Hilaryious ….the ex republican , scarboro, steve and Nicole wallce in my estimation played a big part in this win, with the words LIE, LIAR CORRUPTED, EVIL …YOU ARE STILL IN THE GUTTER Americas, and you fight from there until you rid yourself of your 1st dictator

  11. CONGRATULATIONS DONALD TROMP. TO MUCH 🗳. WAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  12. I'm learning to find middle ground with some democrats. I've even got something in common with Jim Acosta! Neither of us have a White House press pass.

  13. What's all that water??!? Is it Noah's Flood? No! A hurricane surge? No … oh!! It's Trumpcultists' TEARS !!!! HARHARHARHARhARHRRRRRR!! Get ready for a whooooole lotta truth comin' out of investigations !!!!!

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