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  1. Great job, Im the baker for Publix in Georgia and you did an awesome job baking. Im going to try this at home and I have a dough hook for my kitchen aid stand mixer so it should be easier.

  2. Oh my God!!! How much sugar was in that? Bread pudding is a traditional English pudding. It is so you can use up your left over stale bread. You butter your sliced bread, cut into triangles, layer them in the baking dish. You then pour over a mixture of egg and milk, vanilla and about 1/4 cup of sugar tops and bake. With the bread making, you should have kneaded the dough for longer initially and then the dough would have risen more. It's because you are creating the gluten chains, which helps the dough to stretch and to help it to rise better. You were very brave doing the flombey, but did your pan survive? Thanks for all the nice Disney videos.
    Love Rosie

  3. Hi! Professional break baker here! The dough didnโ€™t rise as much in the bowl because you added the salt with the yeast immediately. You should bring the mixture together for a while with the yeast and then add the salt afterwards because salt kills yeast. Just if you guys wanna make bread again in the future!

  4. I want Ohana bread pudding very badly now without having to go through all that mess to make it, but going to Ohana to eat is not very affordable since u canโ€™t just go in and order just the bread pudding, I called Disney dining to see if there was anyway to do that and there doesnโ€™t seem to be, I mean maybe if I knew the rest of the food was amazing and worth that price but thatโ€™s a lot of money to eat there just so I can try the bread pudding, Iโ€™m gonna make a wish that someday they will bring the bread pudding available at a quick service location or at Disney Springs but with the time it takes to make most likely that wonโ€™t ever be possible maybe there might be something similar come around someday

  5. Y'all did a great job of stumbling through cooking together. โค While some of the commenters seemed quite frustrated… as a Baker, I applaude the method of learning by hand, and y'all made it through! Personally, I make my breads ahead of time, saran wrap, and store them. I figured that out, though, by doing it exactly the way y'all did the first time. It was a great experience but NEVER AGAIN in one sitting, for sure! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Bon appetite!

  6. The reason for toasting the bread is to dry it. It makes the bread like a sponge and will help it soak up the egg mixture. You can also achieve this by cutting up the bread and leaving it out for about a day.

  7. OMG !! I'm laughing so hard!!!
    I love you guys!! Thanks for the entertaining video. I have never had this at Disney, but I will have to try it! You guys were such good sports with each other. Thank you for doing this recipe so I know not to do it.
    I love your videos of WDW and your other Central Florida videos.
    You need to come down south and explore South Florida. There's a lot to see here too!
    Take Care!

  8. I made cinnamon buns for Christmas morning breakfast and this was totally me and my husband. "What should I do? Is this right?" "I don't know" lol We didn't flambรฉ though. That's gutsy, lol.

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