50 Replies to “Weekly Auction Flips 10-15-18 ep 4”

  1. Didn't you have a car on Turo that they wouldn't cover the repair because of it was actually a repair or salvaged title? Still have the VIN number on that one?

  2. With the semi it looks like they dropped some new fiberglass body panels on it, painted it, and called it good; I don't think the first thing to jump to would be a VIN swap. The frame damage is probably still under there and just because it runs and drives doesn't mean it's ready to do anything other than put around the parking lot for a few minutes. There is a chance they did fix it up but I'd lean more towards VIN swap than them fixing it 100% right because it came back to copart instead of to a local trucking company

  3. Land Rover was probably parked when it got hit, explaining why no airbags deployed. Curious as to why they didn't finish building it! That Volvo doesn't make sense, other than some shady shit going on!

  4. I am willing to bet money that with that Volvo truck they took the wrecked cab off the frame and put a new cab on judging by the new interior. Trucking companies do that all the time to rolled trucks.

  5. 2017 goddamn range rover and it's got 3-speed manual transmission come on autoauction io why did you have to fuck it up. btw I love when people are being themselves not pretending to be someone else for the internet, in this video we can actually see that he is a person just like us makes mistakes and everthing.

  6. The Land Rover bumper cover is 1500 bucks unpainted at least, so the people who tossed it back together were saving a few backs for them selves 🙂 or so they thought.

  7. on the big trucks if the frame rails are strait it can be repaired, you can get new or used cabs and hood, its not as hard as you think.

  8. Hey man, love ur videos! your browser will slow down like in this video if you have too many tabs open. Google Chrome creates a separate process for each tab and each tab has Javascript processes, which as a result creates a laggy browsing experience. Google Chrome takes this approach because if one of the tabs generates a crash scenario, it is contained within the tab and you can continue to browse the others without any problem. However, this creates a more CPU and RAM reliant program and therefore cannot support a lot of multitasking.

    Most likely your CPU is being overloaded. Computers are similar to cars if you think the right way!

  9. The semi makes no sense lol even if they swapped the cabs and did the repairs there is no way it could sell for that I'm wondering if you just found a stolen vehicle….. The range rover was mangled I bet you the front bumper needs a lot of work to fit on it after the repairs and they left it for the next person to deal with. Great video ! Keep them coming !

  10. so far almost every single (maybe except ML) one of amazing "flip" examples were straight up scams ;-( Dress the car to look like minimal damage and count on suckers bidding without looking at the car in person.
    Today we might even got a stolen car title swap :/

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