What Happened to America Online? [LGR Tech Tales]

This episode covers the story of AOL from birth to collapse, by way of the Apple Link and endless free disks and CDs. Join me in LGR Tech Tales, looking at …


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  1. To partially answer this question with more post-peak info, my parent's family email address was moved to AOL Mail when Verizon Mail was shut down. I was so happy to know about it beforehand since I love to learn more.

  2. Holy shit Bebo was a thing in America? My 10 year old child brain had convinced me it only existed in Ireland. It had actually become a figment of my imagination until you reminded me.

  3. spends 30mins to get 50% for porn picture to load, then, BOOM loose connection, grandad decides to call our house phone. no more internet porn. DAMN IT!

  4. Ah I remember free internet. I kinda miss those days of MSN, AOL, and ICQ. The internet was new an exciting for a 14y/o me.

    Now look at what it's become!

  5. It just seems like AOL was afraid to change their business model and get with the changing times and demand for new media. They were ahead of their time in the 90s but in the 2000s it didn't seem they knew how to change to catch up with the times or didn't want to.

  6. "For millions around the world, AOL was…"

    Nothing. It was nothing outside of America. I learned about it on newgrounds because people talked about it in the forums and made flash games and videos about it. It never made it to Europe.

  7. Colin Jost made a great joke about the AOL – Yahoo merger on SNL's Weekend Update:

    "It was reported that Yahoo and AOL will combine to form a new company… because no one wants to die alone."

  8. Wait , I can use this internet free? Without my modem ? And use my landline while on the computer at the same time ? Let me check my pager then get back to this. Nights and weekends are free on my analog flip phone and I get 30 minutes a month free so I feel pretty into 2019 .

  9. You've got mail!

    Those disk's got me on the net trial by trial in the beginning.

    I saw my first boob with aol. Oh memories!

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