50 Replies to “What Happens When The Queen Dies | Vanity Fair”

  1. Alexi the dude, how is he dude, deeply involved, lightly acrued… He might be like you? Too much to prove, sooner or later he'll be no more than food

  2. probably not much will happen…she will be dead,she will smell because she is old anyway,and who cares,just bury her deep enough

  3. Why are you reporting this? The Queen is going to out-live us all! 😉💕 How does Prince Harry get kicked to the curb, 6th in line after Prince William's children?

  4. I thought the Queen already made the proclamation that Camilla cannot hold title of Queen and that was the agreement when Charles was given the Queens blessing to marry

  5. I will be the new queen you shut up off with her head no more tax for white people black people must pay or slave no talking when I talking your new order is starting today must turn in all your jewels we are the new order of darrell

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