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  1. Hello Sir, I found my app ranking 4-6th position for a particular keyword but within a day I found it at around 20th position for the same keyword. Why do these things happen? My app is a month old and has around 300 downloads (40+ Reviews). Your comment will be really helpful to me.

  2. Hello Sir, I found this video quite useful. Just watching you is not enough so I have implemented your suggestions and knowledge for my ASO. I am sure it will do pretty well.

  3. Thanks great video!. I have a question that no one I've come across has been able to answer so hope you can. I want to do a review on Money RawR app which is an earning app that you refer friends and receive 250 coins per referral. I want to add my referral code to my you tube description but it's massively long the app's spiel about points etc whereas when others add their referral link it's very short and is http as opposed to my https that I see when I want to send referral by email. How do I link to playstore using the shortened version? Hope you can help. Will take your advise on keywords for sure.

  4. Hi Eric, thanks for the informative videos! I update my app's keywords occasionally and I have questions, based on your experience, approximately how much does it take for ranking change to take effect after changing the keywords? I use A/B testing so the rankings are based on the variant your device shows so rankings may depend on the device don't they?

  5. Hi Eric, there is a typo in your app description. "This app was previously named "Ear Agent" ". Shouldn't this be "Ear Spy" ? BTW thanks for your awesome videos 🙂

  6. Just Wanted to thank you Eric. I remember when I was struggling with ASO and I watched one of your videos long time ago, and then I start learning more and more. Now I competing with big players on top keywords. Thanks man

  7. Thanks for answering my question…. but still how to update keywords…. because I have a game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shriram.panchal.onemoresnake I have updated my game, because I seen one of your vdo & u said that we have to change keywords, we have to test them, but at the time of updation I didn't found place to change my title or description…. please help…. we want to see the process of keywords changing for a published game… not for publishing game

  8. Hey Eric, I just wanted to say that I just found your channel a few days ago, and I've been watching your vids continously since then – it's a goldmine of useful info for someone like me, planning to get into creating apps on top of client work. I'm loving it and so glad I found it! Keep up the good work!

  9. You can tackle more keywords by making various store listing translation and make a localization promo images for your app. That works for me.

  10. Hey Eric.Thanks for your videos. Can you you tell us the countries languages in which we should localize our app, including Google Play store listings?. As i see you have localize your app meta data in 27 languages on Google play listing. THANKS

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