24 Replies to “Which is Better: Copart Vs Public Auction”

  1. I go to auctions and let me tell you something. Cars go to auction for a reason, so y'all better watch out when purchasing 80% of vehicles have mechanic problems and the cars that are good or have zero issues sell to expensive.

  2. Auctions like that suck they sometimes take the cars out I went to this auction and the biggest offer for a car was like 800$ and they didn't like it so they took the car out that's not fair . And besides they get all these cars from like copart ect…. for like 100$ 200$ . And auction them starting at 500$ all those cars are junk trust me they dont give u enough time to check everything and u cant even drive them lol let's say you win the car and drive it out the lot and transmission slips or over heats . Than you just lost lol . I'd rather go to copart and win a car for cheap cheap . Like 400$ copart they actually tell you whos selling it like what insurance is selling the car and what problems it has . Public auctions are too risky out of all the times I hear people buying cars from there they end up having big ass problems worth more than the car

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