34 Replies to “Which one is right for YOU! Google Play Music vs Spotify REVIEW”

  1. My android phone doesn't have much space on it, and Google Play is pre-installed, and not removable without rooting. So I'm kinda stuck with that app since the Spotify app won't also fit. Google has forced me to choose them…

  2. Everyone is talking about the spotify UI being better, however that hasn't been the same for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and everyday I dealt with a countless amount of interface glitches with spotify, and starting up the app even after a fresh restart of my phone and over 100gb of free storage on my phone it would take 2x as long to open, also would randomly shut down on me and the download limit really screwed me I have multiple playlists with over 4k songs that I download and spotify would not suffice. Along with everything I just mentioned, if your an edm lover and listen to a lot of underground stuff you won't find even close to half of the artists you will on google. Only thing I miss from spotify is cross fade other than that it has nothing going for it IMO from my 4 year premium experience

  3. Hi Coles & Josh , a great video. I need your expertise. Please bear in mind that I am not a serious music listener such as you guys. I subscribe to Google Play. As far as I have heard, though I have paid for the Google Play family premium product, it does not support You Tube Red in my country. That is not the issue. Here is where I need your help if you can: I have heard that Shazam is an app that can identify a song playing – much like many other similar apps. But I have heard that you can save a current song that you are listening to, you can save it to a play list in your Google Play library. My wife and I enjoy dancing. So, it would be nice to save a song to a play list called Waltz, or Swing, Ramba etc. Is this true – is it possible? If so, can you create a video on how to do this? I would appreciate your or anyone else's help.

  4. Thank you for the honest video guys. Appreciated.

    For the record I use Tidal, which is fantastic. The sound quality is the main deal. However, the tech issues, glitches and rubbish customer service has me looking for a new musical home. Leaning towards spotify.

  5. One thing that is never considered on these comparisons is sound quality. Apparently, I am the only one that actually cares about how the music sounds…silly me. Anyway…Google sounds better.

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  7. I'm on Google music free trial at the moment and still deciding whether to choose this or Spotify. Though I like the display from Google better, I noticed it doesn't show lyrics which is quite a minus as compared to Spotify.

  8. I have Google Play Music (All Access) tomorrow for 2 Years. From Spotify Premium, about 6 years. Don't like the Spotify too much clutter, I never used, or cared to look. In Google Play Music app is streaming all the time, no need for good size phone/laptop, is light, minimalistic. By minimalistic I mean radio, collection, playlists yours and theirs and a search button with new releases and suggestions. Is all you need. On Spotify you had so much clutter, you never needed at all. I only dislike 1,000 tracks limit on Google Music. Also why I changed Spotify, their radio played same songs and artists, over, over, over, over, over and over again. On Google Music Radio I hear so much new songs I never heard of, I enjoy to listen more. Google is also good because I use everything Google from phone to laptop, all Google, also everything from Blogger to Gmail and from Hangouts to Chrome. I use all Google, just one password.

  9. I have both and i pick google music. I tried searching for few songs on Spotify and it wasn't available. Google however found the songs. Also, Google has better sound quality on some songs than Spotify. Again it all comes down to "Different strokes for different folks"

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  13. I've been holding out on streaming music until now, and currently have 2-3 months trials with both Spotify and Play Music trying to decide which one to get. I prefer the Spotify UI but Play Music allows better storage options and I like the idea of having streaming and the ability to buy music from the same place. Both are great tbh, this is gonna be a tough call!

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