Who is PHP Agency- The Future of Financial Services

CEO and Founder of PHP Agency Patrick Bet-David shares his thoughts on why you should consider entrepreneurship, why you should consider the financial …


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  1. Entrepreneurship—free enterprise—is what our country was built upon. Somehow over the years, this has toppled! As a result, the economy suffers. The vision behind PHP is progressive and offers the best solution for many issues that citizens encounter on a consistent basis. Yes, timing is everything! As a millennial, I am apart of the generation that can help turn the tide of the American economy. Joining PHP is one the best choices I've ever made! I'm ALL in and am aligned to the vision of the great CEO and Founder of PHP Agency, Patrick Bet-David. It is definitely bringing out the best in me! I could have chosen not to share my thoughts, but I feel that would have been a selfish choice. Curious…follow your heart! 🙂

  2. It's hilarious reading all the loser dickhead hate comments on here (3 years ago) calling him a scam artist etc. Now his channel has exploded and offers some of the best free content you can get as an entrepreneur. Glad I discovered his channel via newer videos and not reading these comments.

  3. OMG you people PHP people are so stupid I have to gone it to him he sold all you dumb fake Entrepreneurs that you are the real deal you guys are just a Customers LOL

  4. I’m curious as to why so many of you are attacking those who think PHP is a scam? I’ve seen several comments degrading and insulting others by claiming the skeptics are going to keep working some low-level job for the rest of their life, retire at 65, and be poor. What’s the point in that? Why not just leave well enough alone? I’ve also noticed how people on here have questions and those of you who work for PHP don’t want to answer their questions directly on here. Instead you want them to message you their number.

  5. They advertise life insurance at tennis and golf games because the people that like that shit are close to death. Lmao wtf. And banks advertise MORE in basketball and baseball… you realize half the stadiums in the US are named after a bank.. sheesh.

  6. MCA “Motor club of America no longer exists because of the lack of recruiting. I remember when they started back in 2014 and 2 years later they lost everything. Everyone who joined started showing off with a leased Mercedes benz and house . But then few years laters they stopped advertising it .

  7. Hey Patrick, I really admire the value you bring in the insurance industry.

    I want to ask you which advice would you give to insurance agents in a country where supply is more than demand?

  8. Been there done that. Only heartless people who have no morals might succeed .. only after you scam all your friends and family . MILK IT while you can because before you know it PHP will all of a sudden disappear ! in the end IF you make money you will GO TO HELL !! Good luck and may god bless all YOU suckers ..

  9. I want to make part in this! This scenario somewhat replicates here in Latin America, so there's plenty of space for PHP Agency to come here. Is there any video explaining more about those differentials (24:25)?? I found the video myself, but I know some of PHP collaborators. I'll read your book!

  10. What's with these high school rings? When you say 500k in earned income …does that mean the individual made 500k or the company did? Like will the individual have a 1099 for 500k?

  11. As a so called "employee" of People Hurting People, you not only sell worthless insurance policies, you're also required to buy one yourself. Forget all the already established companies like AIG and buy a no name, non credible insurance policy from PHP. You're not even a real broker since you have a worthless fake license that you paid ridiculous amounts of money for. There are an unlimited amount of openings to "work" for PHP. They'll take anybody. Your money is always good at PHP. You'll never stop paying for learning materials, seminars, fees, etc., etc., etc., etc……..
    You'll have a great time constantly trying to recruit anyone and everyone, including your close friends and relatives who will hate you for what you got them into. Afterall, PHP is "family oriented". Forget that PHP restructures every 5 years or so. It's natural for a pyramid to collapse when it eventually runs out of people to recruit and the cash flow stops.

    Oh, and before you damage controlling cultists try to set me straight, you're likely somewhere at the top of the pyramid and make the most commission from all the recruits below you. It's the people at the bottom of the pyramid that have the most trouble recruiting anybody and making any kind of commission. If anything, they're losing more money than they're making.

    I never signed on to People Hurting People or Primerica or any pyramid scam and I never will.

  12. hmmm it's sounds good. you guy are like world financial group…… you have the same flaw that company does sell the wrong insurance crap… 😢

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