12 Replies to “Who Makes The Final Decison To Approve Or Deny Disability Insurance Benefits? (Ep. 17)”

  1. The vocational expert zero'd in on this office job, I had for a short time, as the business put me there, because of injury on the floor. I've been a CNA well over 25 years. I find this is wrong, as I'm 62, and the grid rules would rule that out an focus on my primary work for 15 years. That wasn't a position I was trained for, or applied for, and 15 years ago office people answered a phone, and now need super computer skills. I wish my lawyer would have addressed the grid rules, right there.

  2. Sedgwick and Liberty Mutual does the same. They send you to a doctor that they are paying to deny your claim. How do these doctors write these fake reports and live with themselves.?

  3. First of all, medical doctor's are pretty dumb in general!! Believe it or not, they rely on the testing systems that engineer's like myself design!! I am one of these engineer's and make nothing close to what they make. I think the Engineering community should start charging the medical Insurance company's for their 6 to 8 year projects that benefit the innovative medical device creations, etc. I am engineer, but not that greedy. The patient would come first, but this is how the medical professional's, as they call themselves work. My key point is that doctor's are not really that smart, they use a process called trial an error. What a joke!!

  4. I have been In transportation logistics 37 years,, UPS, FED-EX, UPS Freight. I will have more x-rays this week. I will call you all this week . Thanks Brothers.

  5. Its funny how the attorney in the back ground objects to every question that's asked,,,Thats strange there is something that to hide there being paid to turn you down its seems like a under the table job,,,,

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