33 Replies to “Who Will Google Silence Next?”

  1. Googles control/censorship is because of the mentality and agenda of the Silicon Valley elites who own the big tech companies.. they believe in big government control and censorship of good philosophical ideals opposing the morally bankrupt control of people’s lives.

  2. Depois das eleições no Brasil, quando externei no twitter meu lado à direita, meu alcance caiu bastante, era notável, com isso acabei me distanciando da rede, e o sentimento de ser silenciado é realmente frustrante. :/

    Sem contar as diversas contas de direitistas brasileiros que foram excluídas ou tiveram seu alance limitado no twitter e no facebook, é lamentável.

  3. Google is a snake, it controls your searches and the information that you are interested in. It is censorship of the worst kind because it prevents a person of getting the knowledge that she wants or needs.

  4. I watched this video and then tried to sign prager's petition and was directed to a page not found. I became so distressed and disgusted by this that without warning i physically vomited on myself. No joking…my body reacted so violently that i could not control the sick that thus erupted from me.

  5. Google has picked a side against the best interests of America. They are traitors and if people are silenced they lash out. The left is pushing our country into civil war because they refuse to let our voice be heard. I pray that this is stopped before it turns violent.

  6. They are totally appropriate, I’m 13 years old and do not regret starting to watch PragerUs videos they have educated me on another point of view:
    Before I called myself a Democrat and hated Trump, but just because everyone did, and because they silence other points of view.

  7. The modern world is acting for vested interest.. mainly middle East, they are funding most of the internet, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, many Media channel… That are organized the things very well… But we are failed to understand there intention.. and the leftist in the world are supporters their cause..

  8. Technically it's their platform can't they "silence" anyone they want? I'm not defending them by any means but aren't they a private business? Should not google be allowed to have the same freedoms a Christian bakery has in supporting or not supporting whoever they want? Just asking.

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