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  1. well, i have put 500.00 down on a 19' duramax l5p and the truck will be in next month. At first I went with a 18" ram aisin and then changed my mind to a duramax because of pricing. Very hard decision. One of my worries is that when the new trucks come out there price will go up.

  2. Two questions
    1. Why does DOT stay off your butt if you have airbags.
    2.I will start my hot shot business this year, I'm planning on buying a 30ft Big Tex 14GN with Monster Ramps, should I buy a 2500 or 3500 SRW .

  3. Why would you have a big gooseneck trailer and not dually wheels in the back ? And to step up from there, why not just buy a 450 or 550 truck to do the job right. Have higher axel ratio rear. I bought a F550 cab chassis because I realized the F350 didn't have the high axel ratio that I wanted to pull big trailers all day. The F550 is rated to pull 30k from a gooseneck trailer.

  4. Really good video man. I really wish Ford and Dodge would put in some real leaf springs like the older generation trucks had. I love my 01 Super Duty springs, I replaced the previous 5 leaf pack with the HD OEM replacements which are 6 packs and I also added on a set of Hellwig helper springs as I prefer the helper springs instead of airbags personally, they need no air adjustment and no need for a compressor. But that's just me. They should really just offer a HD version of the leaf springs in the 3/4 ton+ trucks in a separate "HD" or "Trucker" package so the average grocery getter can get the sissy leaf springs with there's and the real truck users like us can opt for the "trucker" package and get some serious leaf springs for real work use.

  5. If you are looking for running boards or steps look at the LUVERNE 7" running board. Higher quality, Made In America!, and cheaper price then those made in China. No issues with being slippery.

  6. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy the general advice. I've driven big trucks most of my work life, and I'm thinking about getting my feet wet hotshoting

  7. Great video as always very informative. I have a question you may be able to help with I’m in the market for Ram2500 with the 68RFE or a Ram 3500 with a Alsin. I played 10,000 lbs RV every month for weekend getaways. I drive my other truck for work, daily driver. So just want to know your opinion as you have a lot of experience with the Alsin transmission. Is the 3500 with the Alsin overkill for me. Just right. Thanks in advance.

  8. Couldn’t agree more on the airbags. You have those guys that will argue till their blue in the face that you don’t need them and they are a waste of money. Those are the same guys that have never used them. If they didn’t they wouldn’t do without! Much more confident ride and easier on the stock equipment.

  9. I disagree on the trailer wiring. I have pulled a goose neck/fifth wheel for thousands of miles with it plugged in at the bumper. It never rubbed or give any other problem period. Just my view.

  10. That's a beautiful Truck man, I looked on FCA's website for mudflaps and the only thing I can find is a set for the front only in the 2500/3500 truck, so I'm wondering where you going to get them from?

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