44 Replies to “Why I revealed Chad Mendes phone number several years ago (w/residual Verizon insurance frustration)”

  1. Chael, for future record, just go to a cricket store or some carrier that offers monthly plans (no long term contract), get the cheapest phone and terms for a month, and file Verizon insurance claim. You now have a p.o.s. that you can activate with a monthly plan (very cheap) if and when your vzw phone breaks; it won't be a fantastic phone, but it will hold you over for the week while you're waiting for asurion to pull their thing out of their ass. Seems like a more viable option that buying a new phone outright from Verizon.

  2. Here's how it works;
    if you're asked "would you like to add the ….?" or "would you like to sign up for ….?" at the register
    and you say "yes"
    it's time to reevaluate your decision making

  3. Chael Thank You very much for speaking out on this. It is unbelievable that they can do this. Sprint does the same thing. Once we found out it was through a 3rd party they wanted my wife to wait 7-10 days for her phone back. They know that someone can't be without their phone for days. Especially when so many people work a job where your phone is required. After alot of wasted time she was finally able to drive 25 miles to a store to have it fixed. Also they misrepresented the monthly price when we bought the phones telling me that my total bill would be $248 per month when I got the bill it was $289 per month. After calling I was told that the Sprint salesman meant the price woulda been $248 when you sign up for autopay lol. The guy was like a crooked used car salesman and he never once mentioned autopay. This is a disgrace.

  4. deals with Chad Mendes episode in first 3 mins….*checks episode is 17 mins long*.. skip to 7 mins in and Chael is discussing customer service issues with his phone insurance…

  5. Got scammed by the same thing with Wind/Freedom mobile in Canada. If you actually do send the phone to them they just keep it and refuse to return it or send a new one. When calling they will just say they received your phone but don't know what's going on with your situation and can't ask a superior. Called them repeatedly for almost a year (I bought a new phone in the meantime) before accepting that they had stolen my phone (and insurance money) forever.

  6. Chael, I've been selling phones for 6 years. Sold all the carriers twice over, including currently with Verizon. Every carrier uses Asurion, besides T-Mobile. I will admit the way they used to do it was infuriating, but that's changed in the last 3 years. Now it's something where they send you a phone and you send yours in after. Promise it's not a thing where people are screwing you or they're running a scam. Any insurance for any device on (nearly) any carrier goes on that same system now. Hope things are better for you next time!

  7. The hot tub thing you explained is called drop-shipping and yes it is technically legal although very scummy. Happens alllll the time on online stores.

  8. lol misinformed you are good sir. insurance sends you the phone overnight and then you send your old one back. Verizon isn't a licensed insurance company lol come on man just a little brain power.

  9. DEAR EVERYONE. here is what we do plane and simple. EVERYONE agrees on a day and we ALL stop paying our phone bills until the phone company stops fucking people over with this nonsense.

  10. Chael: "I told you about my problem with Verizon, right? I DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT THE PROBLEM WITH VERIZON?!"

    Me: "Oh, that's why this video is 17 and a half minutes long…"

  11. Sonnen vs Verizon the next PPV, I expect Verizon gets a beat down! i think Sonnen should investigate consumer issues like this, standing up for the small guys out there. Taking on the big corporates, what do you think?

  12. Chael, I’m disappointed in you. Out of principle you could have taken your business elsewhere. Not cough up another 900 for them fraudsters

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